VENUE: CSIRO Auditorium – Hobart Castray Esplanade, Battery Point, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 7004


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Wednesday 21 March

0900 Registration + Coffee @ CSIRO Auditorium
0930 Welcome

Theme 1 
Convenors: Frank Pattyn & Felicity Graham

0940 Theme 1 KeynoteHelene Seroussi
Ice flow modeling and geothermal heat flux
1020 Theme 1 Talks
1040 Morning Tea & Posters
 1120 Theme 1 Talks
  • Winnie Chu
    Partitioning the geothermal component of basal melting beneath ice-sheets: lessons from Greenland
  • Frank Pattyn 
    Promising Oldest Ice sites in East Antarctica based on thermodynamical modelling

ALL themes Lightning talks

1230 Lunch & Posters

Theme 2
Convenors Jason Roberts, Karstsen Gohl, Slawek Tulaczyk

1320 Theme 2 Keynote Dustin Schroeder
Observationally Constraining Geothermal Heat Flux Using Ice Penetrating Radar

Theme 2 Talks

  • Carolyn Branecky Begeman
    Spatial variability in geothermal heat flux in Antarctica: new measurements and ice dynamical implications
  • Pavel Talalay
    Temperature gradients and geothermal fluxes in deep boreholes drilled through the Antarctic Ice Sheet: A review
1440 Afternoon Tea & Posters

Theme 2 Talks

  • Lucas Beem
    Evaluating the difference between geothermal flux and basal heat flux in the context of ice divide stability, Little Dome C, East Antarctica
  • Ricarda Dziadek
    GHF inferred from in-situ temperature measurements in the Amundsen Sea, West Antarctica
  • Genti Toyokuni
    Changes in Greenland ice bed conditions inferred from seismology
1620 Discussion Session (30min)
Plans and priorities for measuring and modelling (Themes 1+2)
1700 IMAS building tour (optional)
1730 Welcome Drinks & Canapes
@ the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS),
Castray Esplanade
1900 Free Evening


Thursday 22 March


Theme 3
Convenors: Wiesen Shen, Jacqueline Halpin, Derrick Hasterok


Theme 3 KeynoteDoug Weins
Constraints on the geothermal heat flow of Antarctica and surrounding oceans from new seismic structure models


Theme 3 Talks

  • Weisen Shen
    Thermal structure and heat flow of central and West Antarctica estimated from seismic data
  • Duncan Young
    Reconciling geological and radioglaciological context for heat flow in West Antarctica
  • Phil Wannamaker
    Elevated sub-ice thermal flux mapping using magnetotellurics
1040 Morning Tea & Posters
1120 Theme 3 Keynote 2 – Yasmina Martos
Revealing the geothermal heat flux of the Antarctic continent
1200 Theme 3 Talks
  • Ricarda Dziadek
    Linking GHF to crustal structures and DBMS Estimates in the Amundsen Sea Sector
  • Audrey Huerta
    Constraints on Heat Flow in Antarctica based on Thermomechanical Models of the Tectonic Evolution
1240 Lunch & Posters

Theme 3 Talks

  • Alicia Pollett
    Constraining basal heat flux in eastern Antarctica using new heat flow data from the Coompana Province, Nullarbor Plain, southern Australia
  Theme 4
Convenors: Anya Reading & Duncan Young

Theme 4 Talks

  • Tobias Staal
    Towards a multi-domain lithospheric model of East Antarctica
  • Fausto Ferraccioli
    Devil in the detail: enhanced imaging of Antarctic crustal and lithospheric provinces to aid future geothermal heat flux estimation
1430 Afternoon Tea & Posters
1510 Discussion Session (30min)
Plans and priorities for data collection (Themes 3+4)
1540 Free Time
1715 – 2300 Workshop Dinner
@ Peppermint Bay Hotel, Woodbridge,
Ferry dept Brooke St Pier 5.30pm (board 5.15pm), returns Brooke St Pier 11.00pm


Friday 23 March

0900 Theme 4 KeynoteDerrick Hasterok
Thermal isostatic contributions to elevation: implications for the thermal state of Antarctica

Theme 4 Talks

  • Anya Reading
    Combining interpolated and locally observed contributions to heat flow models
  • Ben Mather
    Uncertainty reduction of geothermal heat flux from assimilating seismic tomography and depth to Curie temperature

Discussion Session (20min)
Emerging technologies

1040 Morning Tea & Posters
1120 Workshop Session 1 (1hr 10min)
Community Goals/Databases and Models
What do we need?
1230 Lunch & Posters

Workshop Session 2 (1hr 10min)
Making it happen/Actions and Links
How do we progress?

1440 Close
From 1600

R/V Investigator tour (optional)
Details TBC


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Poster Presentations

Theme 1

  • Steven Phipps
    The importance of geothermal heat flux in modelling of the Antarctic Ice Sheet
  • Adam Treverrow
    The high temperature creep deformation of ice: new laboratory measurements

Theme 2

  • Syed Abdul Salam
    Inferring geothermal heat flux from englacial temperatures in East Antarctica

Theme 3

  • Matthew Gard 
    Improved models of Antarctic geothermal temperatures and crustal heat flux: constraints from geochemistry and Curie depth analysis
  • Jacqueline Halpin 
    Warm, warmer, hot! Antarctic crustal radiogenic heat production.
  • Alex Burton-Johnson/Jacqueline Halpin
    A new heat flux model for the Antarctic Peninsula incorporating variable crustal radiogenic heat production
  • Derrick Hasterok
    Heat production estimates from a global geochemical dataset: A priori constraints on Antarctic heat production
  • Alessandro Maritati 
    New geological insights fingerprint high heat producing crust in the remote interior of Wilkes Land, East Antarctica
  • Sandra McLaren
    Heat production and heat flow variations in Australian continental terranes, lessons for geological based estimates of sub-glacial heat flow in Antarctica
  • Bernd Kulessa/Sarah Thompson 
    Heat and groundwater transport between the Antarctic Ice Sheet and subglacial sedimentary basins from electromagnetic geophysical measurements

Theme 4