Nathan Pugliese1

1Dei, Brisbane, Australia

1800 Q Study is a strong and sustainable approach to international student support across all programs delivered by the Department of Education International. Queensland will be the first state to deliver a unified support service for international students. Providing one number delivers a strong message to the world that our students will receive consistent and reliable afterhours assistance for the duration of their studies. From the commencement of Term 3, the North Brisbane Alliance will be transitioned to a trial of the 1800 QStudy service. It is anticipated that all schools will be transitioned to the service by Term 4. The session focus is to prepare schools for the roll over and to provide a forum for feedback.


Nathan is the Manager, of Strategy & Performance for the Department of Education International (DEi). He is wildly enthusiastic about the future of international education and is committed to creating new opportunities for students in Queensland. As an educational leader he is motivated by the strategy and vision behind international education.

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