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30 years of Tasmania’s forest practices system


20 – 21 November 2017

Wrest Point Conference Centre, Hobart, Tasmania

The Tasmanian Forest Practices Authority (FPA) is hosting a two-day conference in 2017 to look back over the first 30 years of Tasmania’s forest practices system, and to use this perspective to consider directions in forest practices regulation in Tasmania and elsewhere.

In 1987, the Tasmanian Forest Practices Code was released and the state’s first Forest Practices Officers were appointed. The forest practices system has evolved in response to changes in technology, scientific knowledge and community expectations. It is an opportune time to review the system, and consider trends and possibilities in Tasmanian, national and international forest regulation.

The 2017 conference is hosted by the Tasmanian Forest Practices Authority (FPA) and designed for forest workers and managers, forestry regulators, government agencies and environmental NGOs.

There will be many opportunities for delegates to contribute to discussions. International and national speakers include Professor Ben Cashore from Yale University, and Professor Peter Kanowski from the Australian National University.

Local speakers include people with integral roles and different experiences and perspectives on the Tasmanian forest practices system.

Program Overview


Looking back: recognising the evolution and changing roles of the Tasmanian forest practices system and considering its capacity to regulate forestry operations and maintain environmental standards.

An optional conference dinner, including a reception at Government House will be held on Monday evening.


Looking forward: discussing potential developments in forest practices regulation in Tasmania and beyond, including investigating the relationships between certification and regulation, and incorporation of social values into forest practices.


A field trip to the Derwent Valley looking at its diverse native forests and plantations and past and current forest practices on public and private land. Departing from Wrest Point at 8am and returning by approximately 6pm.

Monday 20 November 2017

 08:30 Registration
Boardwalk Gallery
Plenary Session
Wellington Room
 09:00 Welcome to Country
 09:05 Official opening
John Ramsay, Chair of the Forest Practices Authority
 09:15 Address and launch of the State of the forests Tasmania 2017 booklet
Guy Barnett, Minister for Resources, Tasmania
 09:30 Keynote Presentation
Professor Ben Cashore, Environmental Governance & Political Science, Yale University
 10:15 Morning Tea
Boardwalk Gallery
Plenary Session – Tasmania’s forest practices system
Wellington Room
Session Chair: Peter Volker
11:00 History of the forest practices system
Peter Volker, Chief Forest Practices Officer
11:10 How the Forest practices system operates
John Ramsay, Chair of the Forest Practices Authority
11:30 Panel Session Discussion – Tasmania’s forest practices system
Chaired by Peter Volker

  • Kim Creak
  • Andrew Scott
  • Sandra Hetherington
  • David Gatenby
  • Bert Witte
  • Anne McConnell
 12:30 Lunch
Boardwalk Gallery
  Plenary Session – Developing the system: examples of adaptive management and continual improvement
Wellington Room
Session Chair: Fred Duncan
13:30 Introduction
Fred Duncan, Consultant
13:35 Biodiversity – Presentation PDF
Sarah Munks, Forest Practices Authority Biodiversity Manager & Dydee Mann, Forest Practices Authority Ecologist
13:55 Earth Science and Cultural Heritage
Peter McIntosh, Forest Practices Authority Earth Sciences and Cultural Heritage Manager
14:15 Compliance
Stephen Walker, Forest Practices Authority Compliance Manager
14:35 Discussion
15:00 Afternoon Tea
Boardwalk Gallery
Plenary Session – Can Tasmania’s forest practices system be a useful national and international model?
Wellington Room
Session Chair: John Hickey
15:30 Introduction
John Hickey, Board of the Forest Practices Authority
15:35 Video Message
Ann Ruston, Federal Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources
15:40 Presentation
Rob de Fegely, Co-Chair, Forest Industry Advisory Council
16:00 Presentation
Claire Howell, Manager, National Forest Inventory, Australian Bureau of Agricultural Resource Economics and Sciences
16:20 Presentation – Presentation PDF
Graham Wilkinson, International Consultant
16:40 Discussion
18:00 – 19:00 Government House Reception
Coach transfers will be available from Wrest Point, departing at 17:40 sharp!
19:15 Conference Dinner & Awards
Buckingham Rowing Club
World class forest practices through simplicity and education
Presentation from Evan Rolley, First CFPO & FPA Board Member
Awards for long service
Presented by Amy Robertson and John Ramsay

Tuesday 21 November 2017

08:30 Registration
Boardwalk Gallery
Plenary Session – Regulation and certification
Wellington Room
Session Chair: Alex Schaap
09:00 Introduction
Alex Schaap, Forest Practices Authority Board
09:05 The Tasmanian forest management system framework – Presentation PDF
Penny Wells, Director, Resources Policy, Dept of State Growth Tasmania
09:20 Regulatory systems, certification options
Fred Gale, Associate Professor, Politics and International Relations Program, University of Tasmania
09:35 Presentation
Ross Hampton, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Forest Product Association
09:45 Presentation – Presentation PDF
Simon Dorries, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Forestry Standard Limited / PEFC Australia
09:55 Presentation – Presentation PDF
Jacki Schirmer, Associate Professor, University of Canberra and FSC Australia Director
10:05 Discussion
10:30 Morning Tea
Boardwalk Gallery
Plenary Session – Possibilities for developing the forest practices system
Wellington Room
Session Chair: Peter Kanowski
11:00 Introduction
Peter Kanowski, Professor of Forestry, ANU
11:05 Forest manager (public and private)
Suzette Weeding, General Manager, Land Management, Sustainable Timber Tasmania
11:15 Landowner
Rob Downie, Private forest owner
11:25 Aboriginal Heritage Tasmania
Matt Schlitz, Operations Manager, Aboriginal Heritage Tasmania
11:35 Harvesting Contractor
Colin McCulloch, Project Manager, Arbre Forest Industries and Training Hub
11:45 Environmental NGO
Peter McGlone, Director Tasmanian Conservation Trust
11:55 Forest Practices Officer representative
Robin Dickson, Chair Forest Practices Authority Reference Group
12:05 Forest Practices Authority – Presentation PDF
Amy Koch, Research Biologist, Forest Practices Authority
12:15 Discussion
12:30 Lunch
Boardwalk Gallery
Plenary Session – Discussion groups on developing the forest practices system
Wellington Room
Session Chair: Peter Kanowski
13:30 Summary of ground covered so far
Peter Kanowski, Professor of Forestry, ANU
13:45 Discussion Groups
Small group discussion
14:30 Group presentations and general discussion
15:15 The future of the forest practices system & conference close
Peter Kanowski
Amy Robertson
Peter Volker
16:00 Conference Close

Wednesday 22 November 2017

 08:00 – 18:00 Field Tour
A field trip to the Derwent Valley looking at its diverse native forests and plantations and past and current forest practices on public and private land.
Hosted by FPA and forest owners/managers
FPA 30 years Conference field trip
7:45am Meet at the Wrest Point Hotel main entrance
Depart Wrest Point
9:45am Arrive Tyenna native forest coupe (grid ref 466040, 526350)
Site 1 – Landscape management
                 Site 2 – Couple level management
Site 3 – Code provisions for protections of local features
11:15am Walk to bus, Morning tea
11:45am Depart coupe native forest coupe
12:45pm Arrive Plantation settlement coupe, Whatucallit Road (grid ref 455740: 5288828), site 1 – (30 min)
1:15pm Lunch
1:45pm Board the bus to sites 2 and 3
2:00pm Arrive site 2 – Devil den
Site 3 – Briggs Squeeze
Site 4 – Cave, summary of field trip
3:15pm Depart Plantation settlement coupe, afternoon tea on the bus
6:00pm Arrive back at Wrest Point.

Professor Peter Kanowski

Peter Kanowski is Master of University House, ANU, and Professor of Forestry in the Fenner School of Environment & Society.

Peter’s academic roles comprise academic and professional leadership; research and teaching focused on forest and environmental policy, and on sustainability; and policy learning and development, and community engagement, associated with forest-related issues. Peter works extensively in each of these arenas with colleagues and partners, representing a diversity of forest- and environment- sector interests, internationally, nationally, and locally. Much of his current research is in conjunction with ACIAR projects.

Peter was a Schlich Medallist at the Australian National University, where he completed an Honours degree in forestry, and a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, where he completed a doctorate in forest genetics. He worked in forest management and research in Australia for 3 years, and lectured at Oxford University’s Forestry Institute for 7 years, before taking up the Chair of Forestry at ANU in 1995. Peter was Head of the ANU Department of Forestry 1996-2001, foundation Head of the School of Resources Environment & Society 2001-2008, and Deputy Director of the Fenner School of Environment & Society 2007-2008. He spent two years as a Deputy Director General at CIFOR, the Center for International Forestry Reseach, 2012-2014, on leave from the ANU.

Peter has worked actively with The Forests Dialogue since 2006, co-leading a number of its initiatives. He was a member of Australia’s State of Environment 2011 Committee; the Council of Australian Governments’ National Bushfire Inquiry 2003-4; the Board of the National Arboretum Canberra; and was Education Program Chair of the CRC for Forestry for the life of that CRC.

Peter received the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Community Outreach 2011 and was co-recipient of the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Supervision 2016.

Professor Ben Cashore

Professor Cashore’s research interests include the emergence of non-state, market-driven environmental governance; the impact of globalization, internationalization, and transnational networks on domestic policy choices; comparative environmental and forest policy development; and firm-level “beyond compliance” sustainability initiatives.

His book, “Governing Through Markets: Forest Certification and the Emergence of Non-state Authority” (with Graeme Auld and Deanna Newsom), was awarded the International Studies Association’s 2005 Sprout Prize for the best book on international environmental policy and politics.

Published by Yale University, the book is part of a large research effort aimed at understanding the emergence of non-state market-driven global environmental governance and its interactions with state authority, regulations, and institutions.

Through the GEM initiative he helps shepherd five interrelated thematic efforts: forest policy and governance; private authority/corporate social responsibility; climate change as a “super wicked” problem; policy change and policy learning; and democracy, environment and human rights.

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