Applications close: 19 June 2018


Please be advised that if you are nominated as a finalist for an award, you will be notified at least a week prior to the Conference, and will receive a call from our representatives – once we secure an award winner we will notify the nominee; the award winner should be prepared to catch a flight to conference as soon as possible. Initial details will be further discussed with the winner when contacted by our team


The CISA Awards Committee will be judging the following awards.

Organisation Awards

CISA’s Best Stakeholder Award of the Year
Eligibility: International Education businesses and organisations, government regulatory bodies, government legislative bodies, NGOs and other advocacy groups, professional associations, local and/or national communities etc

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Best International Student Event of the Year

Sponsored by

International Student Association of the Year

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Individual Awards

International Postgraduate Student of the Year Award
Eligibility: current postgraduate student

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International Undergraduate Student of the Year
Eligibility: current undergraduate student 

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VET/TAFE International Student of the Year Award
Eligibility: current VET/TAFE student

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Best CISA Volunteer of the Year 
Eligibility: current volunteer under National Portfolios

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Applying for an award is done by a written application.

  • You need to prepare three documents:

    1. Application Form
      Click on one of the below links to download the relevant form for the award you are applying for:
      Individual Awards
      Organisational Awards
      Event of the Year Award 
      These forms asks for basic information like your phone number, address and age. You also have to write a short response to some questions explaining why you want to be part of this program.
    2. A cover letter (1 A4 page limit)
      Explain why you believe you have the personal qualities for this role, and please include any personal experiences which have motivated you to want to speak up for international student’s rights.
      Your cover letter is also your first opportunity for you to let us know who you really are and make your best impression!
      Address your cover letter to Zainab Awan  – CISA Awards Coordinator.
    3. Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) (1-2 A4 page limit)
      This could include any relevant study, volunteering, extra-curricular activities or interests and/or work experience.
  • Send these three documents to CISA by emailing: awardscoordinator@cisa.edu.au


In choosing the nominees of the CISA National Conference Awards, regard is given to the nominee’s achievements in the year immediately prior to receiving the award, as well as their past achievements and ongoing contribution to the international student space, education, cultural diversity, multiculturalism and Australian community.

An individual need only be nominated once to be considered. The number of nominations received per nominee bears no weight in their selection.


The selection criteria are:

  • Significant contribution to the International Student sector and Australian community.
  • An inspirational role model for the International student community.
  • Demonstrated excellence in their field and the international student space.

The Judging Panel will also give consideration to the following in assessing and comparing nominations against the above criteria:

  • Personal, academic and professional achievements
  • Contribution in the relevant field (how has the nominee ‘put back’ into their field to benefit others)
  • Demonstrated leadership, innovation and creativity
  • Personal interests and community involvement
  • Contribution to development of regional community and/or economy
  • Future goals and likely impact
  • Degree of difficulty of the achievement and sacrifices made
  • Previous awards and recognition
  • Voluntary work beyond paid employment
  • Nature and length of activity or service
  • Achievements as an individual or as part of a group or organisation


  • To be eligible to enter the CISA Awards, nominees must be International Students (except organizational awards)
  • Top nominees will be contacted by the committee to attend the conference.
  • Awards will be granted on the night of the gala dinner.
  • Self-nominations will be accepted.
  • Nominees must have had a minimum of 1 year as an International Student to be eligible.
  • Unsuccessful nominees may be re-nominated in subsequent years.
  • Absolutely NO weight is given to the number of times a person is nominated.
  • Past winners are not eligible in any category (except organizational awards).
  • Entries must be submitted and received between 25 May 2018 and 19 June 2018 5:00 PM (AEST).
  • Submission of an entry form indicates acceptance of the Eligibility Criteria and Terms and Conditions.
  • Entries will not be accepted from Award sponsors or partners.
  • An organisation cannot apply for any Award category for which an employee or board member is a judge.
  • The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be further entertained.
  • The Council of International Students Australia and its partners have the right to disregard any incomplete entries.
  • Changes cannot be made to any submitted applications.
  • By entering you agree for your organisation or yourself to be part of any media publicity as part of the Awards judging process if required.
  • The Council of International Students Australia and its partners will not be liable for any loss, injury or bad publicity directly or indirectly as a result from the Awards.
  • The Council of International Students and its partners have the right to cancel or disqualify entries as a result of non-compliance with the Eligibility Criteria and Terms and Conditions.


The entrant consents to the use by The Council of International Students Australia and its related organizations, of the entrants’ details and acknowledges that The Council of International Students Australia and its related organizations, may, at their discretion disclose and use those details for the purpose of providing you with goods or services, communicating with you, planning, research, product and business development and sales, the promotion and marketing (whether target, direct or indirect) of their businesses, services or products or those of a third party which we believe may be of benefit to you.

If you do not want the details to be used for the purposes stated in the above clause please write to publicrelations@cisa.edu.au and The Council of International Students Australia will ensure that the details are not used for that purpose.

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