Congress Tour: 12 – 21 July 2018
Congress: 18 July 2018
Australian Sheep & Wool Show: 20 – 21 July 2018



Meet in Adelaide.

Delegates will meet the tour in Adelaide at The Intercontinental Hotel in the eve

ning of Thursday 12 July.

A welcome dinner will be held.

Accommodation at The Intercontinental Hotel, Adelaide.

Inclusions: welcome dinner, accommodation.


Adelaide to Tailem Bend.

McLaren Vale Distillery. With a name like McLaren Vale, you’d think we make Scotch. But we live on the opposite side of the planet to Scotland in a climate that’s equally converse. And that’s led to something very special in the world of whisky. For here, the power of the sun breathes life into casks that have nurtured some of the world’s finest wines, hastening the maturity of our whisky and imparting unique character. Whilst we are still very busy building this site and our distillery, the very first spirit from our traditional copper still is already rapidly coming of age in its casks. (If you love whisky as we do, you’ll appreciate our priorities). We will visit the distillery to taste the dram they call the breath of the sun, made in single casks from single malts for a singularly unique experience in every single bottle. We will attend a Masterclass matching whisky and cheeses whilst enjoying the hospitality of John Rochfort.


Corriedale Hills Stud, in the Inman Valley, was founded in 1926 by Hartley Lush, on land that was purchased by his grandfather in 1843, as an original settler in South Australia.  The stud originated with a strong influence from the Coola stud, one of Australia’s early breeders of the Lincoln/ Merino cross.  Since then, however, the stud has regularly sourced genetics from many studs, from Australia and New Zealand, to seek continual improvement in the type of sheep it produces.  Today, we aim to produce a practical type of sheep, able to perform in a variety of conditions, capable of producing good quantities of quality meat and wool.

Three other studs will be joining the display of Corriedales at Corriedale Hills.   These are Wattle Glen, Lushford and Y-not studs.

Wattle Glen (F2145) was founded in 1969 by Gordon Jenke at Mt Torrens, purchasing 58 stud ewes from Terlinga (F1970) and mating them to rams from WM Moodie’s Nigretta East (F41) stud.  More ewes were purchased from Wood Park (F91), Trevarno (F1889) and Skipton (F1173) up to 1983.

In 1989, ram 46-82 was purchased, with a quantity of his semen, from Koolah stud (F1624).  Since this time, no other rams have been purchased, with semen from 46-82 being used every 7-8 years. This has made Wattle Glen a line bred flock with a distinct genetic pool, different from the majority of other Corriedale flocks in Australia. Recently 6 ewes were purchased from Wye stud (F2174), with the view to experiment with a new gene pool. Wattle Glen is well known for the distinctive crimp definition of its 25-27 micron wool which gives the stud sheep a high commercial value when combined with their excellent carcases.

The stud is now based at Strathalbyn in South Australia and Graham Jenke is the current stud master.

Lunch will be hosted by Brenton Lush and Graham and Diane Jenke at Corriedale Hills Stud.

Thomas Foods International. We will travel via the Fleurieu Peninsula to Thomas Foods International’s feedlot at Murray Bridge. Thomas Foods International is one of Australia’s leading meat exporters.

Dinner will be at Tailem Bend with a presentation from Thomas Foods International.

Accommodation at Tailem Bend.

Inclusions: Breakfast, tour and transport, lunch, dinner, accommodation.


Tailem Bend to Mt Gambier

Lucerne Australia. Visit Lucerne Australia, the peak industry body for the lucerne seed industry in Australia. It has over 80 grower members and 45 associate members and aims are to incorporate all relevant sectors of the Australian lucerne seed industry. Lucerne Australia focuses on research projects which will benefit the sector long-term, as well as issues such as noxious weeds and pests.

Visit to Brecon Breeders facility. Brecon Breeders assist clients to accelerate and promote their genetic progress. Brecon Breeders was established in 1989 to provide an independent, responsive service for progressive livestock breeders in southern Australia. With high levels of experience and expertise in the fields of embryo transfer, semen collection and artificial insemination of cattle, sheep, goats and deer, Brecon Breeders’ staff provide technical standards of the highest quality. Brecon Breeders services include semen collection and processing (Sheep), Artificial Insemination (AI) (Sheep), Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer (MOET), embryo freezing, quarantine centre. International services include breeding program design & management, genetic material, equipment supplies and training.

Lunch at Willalooka Tavern with a presentation by Brecon Breeders.

Visit the Coonawarra wine region to sample some of their world-renowned products.

Dinner at The Barn in Mount Gambier. Drinks will be at your own cost.

Accommodation at The Barn, Mount Gambier.

Inclusions: Breakfast, tour and transport, lunch, dinner, accommodation.


Mt Gambier to Campderdown.

Donovan’s Dairy. Visit James and Robyn Mann’s rotary dairy at Wye, Mt Gambier. They milk a 2000-plus self-replacing Friesian herd in a 116-bay rotary dairy. Of the 4100-hectare irrigated farm, 1600 ha is effective milking area with the remainder growing silage crops and lucerne and running steers, sheep, dry cows and heifers.

Nayook South Corriedale Stud. The Nayook stud (F1463) was established by the late W J Jenkin (father of the current stud master) in February 1951 with 60 in lamb ewes purchased from Mr C B Gates (Moorabinda F205). In the next few years the following additions were made:

July 1951 – One ram from Mr A E McIntosh (Woodpark F91)
July 1951 – One ram from M Carroll & Sons (Redbank F52)
July 1952 – 20 in lamb ewes from J F Guthrie (Bulgandra F1)
October 1952 – 130 ewes from W R Venters (Dalkeith F113)

The Nayook South stud (F2272) was established in 1981 when the family partnership was dissolved with Wally and Veronica taking two thirds of the Nayook stud. In 1988, Nayook South purchased the remaining portion of the Nayook stud flock back from DD & JM Jenkin (Banemore F2273). The prime aim of the stud has been and still is to supply high performing rams to our own commercial Corriedale flock and our clients.

In 1993, they commenced performance recording with Lambplan. This has been a great step forward to aid in the selection of highly productive sheep. While using Lambplan figures to select our sheep, we still place great emphasis on structurally correct animals.

The next big advance in our breeding program came about through the formation of the Performance Corriedale Group. This group is made up of Corriedale breeders that are using Lambplan. Each year the group selects elite young sires to be used in all member flocks. These link sires, as they are called, improve selection efficiency and accuracy across the member flocks and help speed up genetic gain.

Te Mania Angus is built on a gene pool already 85 years in the making and which today is Australia’s most dominant brand in Angus Group BREEDPLAN, with more than double the number of trait leaders than any other stud.

West Cloven Hills. In 1839 Nicholas Cole, the first, arrived in Australia and took up land, West Cloven Hills, which is still in family hands six and seven generations later. Being unimproved pastures he stocked the farm with superfine merinos. His son Nicholas, the second, held the world record price for wool at the turn of the 1900s. The Merinos were all sold in the 1960s and a Corriedale stud was established by Nicholas Cole, the fourth, in 1951.

In 1992 the partnership of Geoff Risbey and Nicholas Cole, the sixth, bought the world famous Stanbury Corriedale stud at Ceres and transferred the whole stud to West Cloven Hills, Camperdown. They have competed successfully in many shows since then and exported rams, ewes and semen to many of the sheep growing countries around the world. The stud of 500 registered ewes is backed up with a commercial flock of 3800 Corriedale ewes on 1200 hectares.

West Cloven Hills is situated in the heart of the Western District of Victoria, on volcanic and basalt soils and a 700 ml rainfall.

Nic Cole is kindly sponsoring dinner.

Accommodation at the Cascade Motel and the Manifold Hotel, Campderdown.

Inclusions: Breakfast, tour and transport, morning tea, lunch, dinner, accommodation.


Camperdown to Ballarat

Breakfast at Gambier View Stud (Milton Savage). Gambier View stud was founded in 1951 by Mr JR (Reg) Savage whose property was at Mt Gambier in South Australia. The stud was started with ewes and rams purchased from the late Senator Guthrie’s dispersal sale, and along with rams purchased from Stanbury stud, and one from Redbank form the bloodline of the Gambier View stud.

In 1972 the stud was transferred to John and Jill Savage and they moved to a property at Skipton in Victoria.

In 1981 Milton Savage started up his own stud “Compton House” with the purchase of ewes and lambs from the dispersal sale of Trevarno stud, which was predominantly Stanbury blood as well. In 2008, after the death of John Savage, Gambier View stud was transferred to Milton and Tracey Savage

The two studs are still being run as their son, Charlie Savage, is very keen to follow tradition and take over one of the studs.

Gambier View select sheep that are structurally correct, heavy boned, have multiple lambs and the ability to look after them well. The sheep need to have soft, bold, heavy cutting fleece in the range of 26 to 30 microns.

Liberton Stud (Jim and Brenda Ventner). The stud was established in 1927 by Mr W.R. Venters and his sons Robert and Stewart at “Dalkeith” Stonehaven.

The foundation stock consisted of purchases of ewes from the studs of J.G. Guthrie, Bulgandra, NSW, E.F. Millar, The Rock, NSW and the estate of T.C.Ellis, Mt. Gambier, SA. Rams were obtained from the studs of J.F.Guthrie and J.R. Moodie, Hamilton, VIC, together with the ram “Moeraki 1V” bred by the NZ & Aust, Land Co., New Zealand.

The stud showed with considerable success until in the mid 1930’s, as the most successful exhibitor at the annual A.S.B.A. show, they retired from showing. In 1958 the stud was divided equally between Mr Robert Venters at Dalkeith and Mr Stewart Venters at Springdale and hence was run as two separate flocks until 1973.

The “Liberton” Stud was formed at this time and recombined both complete flocks known as “Liberton Corriedales” run by Stewart’s son, Jim Venters.

El criadero fué establecido en el año 1927, por el señor W.R.Venters y sus hijos Robert y Stewart en ‘‘Dalkeith’’Stonehaven. La fundación del ganado consistió en la compra de ovejas del criadero de J.F.Guthrie, Bulgandra N.S.W. -E.F.Millar, The Rock, N.S.W. y el Estado de T.C.Ellis, Mt Gambier en Australia del sur. Los carneros fueron obtenidos de los criaderos de J.F. Guthrie y J.R. Moodie, Hamilton, Victoria. Junto con los carneros “Moeraki 1V” criados por la Corporación de tierras de Nueva Zelandia y Australia. En Nueva Zelandia, el criadero tuvo un éxito considerable, hasta mediados del año 1930, como el más exitoso exponente en la exposición anual A.S.B.A. ellos dejaron de exhibir. En 1958 el criadero fué dividido en partes iguales, entre el señor Robert Venters en Dalkeith y el señor Stewart Venters en Springdale, y por lo tanto funcionaron en dos rebaños separados, hasta 1973. El criadero “Liberton” se formó esta vez, combinando completamente los dos rebaños conocidos como “Liberton Corriedales” administrado por el hijo de Steward, Jim Venters.

National Wool Museum, Geelong. At the National Wool Museum, you will discover why fleece from Australia’s sheep was at the heart of our economy for nearly 200 years. Since the arrival of sheep with the First Fleet in 1788, the wool industry has dominated our economy, our agriculture and our reputation as a quality wool-growing nation throughout the world.

Geelong is a city synonymous with wool and the wool industry – sheep farming began here in 1835 and the first of many woollen mills opened here in 1868. For many years the city was known as the ‘wool centre of the world’.

Two hundred years later, in 1988, the National Wool Museum was established as Australia’s only comprehensive museum of wool. We showcase the Australian wool story – from the sheep’s back to the clothes rack, and from the birth of the industry in the 1840s to its place in the world today.

Dinner in Ballarat. Drinks will be at your own cost.

Accommodation at the Mercure, Ballarat.

Inclusions: Breakfast, tour and transport, lunch, dinner, Museum entry, accommodation.


Ballarat to Bendigo.

Ballarat Wildlife Park specialise in native Australian animals and a wide variety of exotic reptiles, from free-roaming kangaroos, koalas, wombats, Tasmanian devils, eagles, giant tortoises, crocodiles and alligators to a large display of lizards and both venomous and non-venomous Snakes.

Morning tea and an Aussie BBQ lunch will be provided at Ballarat Wildlife Park before travelling to Bendigo.

Bendigo. The tour will be arriving at the Bendigo All Seasons Hotel, the Congress venue, at approximately 3.00pm. In the evening there will be a welcome reception to meet Congress delegates who have not been on the tour.

Dinner is included for tour participants. Drinks are included.

Accommodation at the Bendigo All Seasons Hotel.

Inclusions: Breakfast, tour and transport, park entry, morning tea, lunch, welcome reception, dinner, accommodation.


Bendigo. 16th World Corriedale Congress

The 16th World Corriedale Congress will be held at the Bendigo All Seasons Motel from 8.30am to 4pm.

A translation service will be available from English/Spanish and Spanish/English during the Congress.

The Congress dinner will be held in the evening with entertainment by Nick Cole and The All Stars Band.

Accommodation at the Bendigo All Seasons Motel.

Inclusions: Breakfast, Congress registration, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner with drinks, accommodation.



Free day.

There will be an optional visit to Bendigo Pottery and the Bendigo Art Gallery.

Accommodation at the Bendigo All Seasons Hotel.

Inclusions: Breakfast, accommodation.


Bendigo. Australian Sheep and Wool Show.

The Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo is one the largest events of its type in the world, more than 2700 sheep made up of 25 breeds are joined by 30,000 people and 350 stall holders. As the ‘best of best’ sheep breeders compete, some of the country’s most passionate food, fashion and fibre lovers gather to celebrate the mighty Australian sheep.

The show runs from Friday to Sunday and a three-day pass is included in the tour package.

We will have a limited number of tickets for The Women of Wool luncheon at the Australian Wool Show. You will be able to register your interest when booking for the tour. This will be an additional cost.

Accommodation at the Bendigo All Seasons Hotel.

Inclusions: Breakfast, transfers and entry to the Australian Wool Show, accommodation.


Bendigo. Australian Sheep and Wool Show.

Transfers provided to and from the Australian Sheep and Wool Show.

Dinner at the Bendigo All Seasons Hotel. Drinks will be at your own cost.

Accommodation at the Bendigo All Seasons Hotel.

Inclusions: Breakfast, transfers and entry to the Australian Wool Show, dinner, accommodation.


Bendigo to Melbourne.

Australian Sheep and Wool Show in the morning. The Merino ram sale will be held at approximately 1pm.

Coach departs for Melbourne on Sunday afternoon at approximately 2pm (to be confirmed), and will travel to Melbourne city via Tullamarine airport (Melbourne’s international airport). The coach will reach Tullamarine airport by approximately 5pm (to be confirmed).

Optional accommodation can be arranged in Melbourne for the night of Sunday 22 July at your own cost. You can indicate your interest when booking for the tour.

Inclusions: Breakfast, transfers and entry to the Australian Wool Show, transfer to the airport and Melbourne city.

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