Sleeping under the stars, map and compass navigation, passing an appreciation of wild places on to the next generation. These are the things that we hold dear. Not a paint by numbers approach, but rather a quiet confidence in ourselves, moving through the wilderness under our own steam, choosing our own direction, sharing our experience, and leaving nothing but footprints in passing.

Our story starts in the early 1970’s, when we began to make equipment that hadn’t yet been imagined.  For forty years Australian Outdoor Educators have been relying on Wilderness Equipment to stay safe and comfortable in the outdoors, and some of the first products we made are still in use today. Our commitment to supporting Outdoor Education is perennial, and our experience unmatched. We don’t design gear to be consumed and tossed away. We design gear to help you get in and out of wild places safely, to become a part of your stories, to be loved, cared for and celebrated. In choosing Wilderness Equipment we will support you. We promise to show you how to use and care for your gear, and if you need our assistance we, and our network of local representatives, are only a phone call away.

Wilderness Equipment: Gear for Life


Macpac, New Zealand’s original technical outdoor brand since 1973.

Over the years, we’ve developed a proud legacy of quality and innovation, making us an integral part of the Kiwi culture of adventure. Whether you’re a mountaineer taking on a new pitch, or a child playing in the rain, our mission is to inspire you to get outside.

Designed, tested and proven in the ultimate outdoor test lab – New Zealand, Macpac gear is engineered to take on the elements – whatever your adventure.


Paddy Pallin Adventure Equipment has had a long history in providing educational facilities, private corporations and government departments the highest quality outdoor equipment and clothing. Any and all groups or departments are welcome to contact us for potential group type orders. Paddy Pallin Adventure Equipment staff have over 15 years of sales and outdoor guiding experience and will be able to recommend the best product for your needs.



Catholic Education in Tasmania is a community of 38 schools and colleges serving over 16,000 students and their families across Tasmania. We are Christ-centred and student-focused providing learning for life. Our schools offer students opportunities to fully develop, and learn to integrate their gifts of body, mind and spirit in a challenging learning environment within a caring community; a community based on Gospel values.



Survive First Aid is a leading provider of Remote Area First Aid,  Wilderness First Aid and Advanced Wilderness’s Life Support Courses within Australia. With a team of Trainers who have a background in Paramedical Science, Medicine, Guiding, Trekking, Mountaineering, Climbing, White Water Activities and Expeditions we run scenario based training in the outdoors that focuses on realistic first aid incidents that you might encounter.

As a Registered Training Organisation we award participants nationally recognised units of competency and are able to design courses to suit client needs.  Founded to provide quality, tailored, Remote Area and Wilderness First Aid Training needs throughout Australia, every staff member has a passion for education and believes in what we do.


One Planet is a company founded on passion. We’re passionate about our products, our people and our planet.

In our Melbourne factory, we produce world-class gear, specialising in rucksacks, sleeping bags and tents for the travel and outdoor adventure markets. Our philosophy is simple: make it good, make it work, make it last. We have been manufacturing outdoor gear for more than 30 years, during which time both products and company have continually evolved.

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We are the industry’s preferred supplier of outdoor clothing and technical outdoor equipment.

Equipped is not a shop, but rather a Supplier to Industry and Outdoors Groups, meeting the requirements of everything from Clothing and Footwear, to Safety and Rescue Equipment. We supply Group/Centre orders and Government tenders, and cater to everyone from school outdoors groups with specific uniform needs, up to Services personnel with specialised requirements.

Our staff of experienced outdoors professionals are happy to talk through your groups’ needs, and present you with a solution that will fit your requirements and budget.

For more information on any of our products and services, please see Cameron or Lisa at NOEC 18 or
Phone 02 9489 8666


ACU’s School of Exercise Science prepares highly skilled graduates for the health, sport and outdoor education professions both in Australia, and internationally. From 2019, we will be offering a new and highly innovative Bachelor of Sport and Outdoor Education. This course will enable students to gain a strong academic foundation in outdoor leadership, sport and exercise, as well as practical hands-on study experience, through both laboratory and field trip participation. Students will graduate from this course with a broad academic understanding as well as significant practical experience across the domains of physical activity, sport, and outdoor education.


World Challenge provides exciting opportunities that inspire students to step outside their comfort zone and explore the wider world. Whether it’s about finding perspective, overcoming obstacles or gaining confidence, our trips build the skills young people need to live a life of courage, kindness and adventure.


Tasmania’s outstanding national park system offers visitors a wide choice of opportunities to discover spectacular landscapes, from highlands carved by glaciers to quiet, solitary beaches; from cool, silent rainforests to colourful, alpine wilderness wildflowers. Tasmania’s 19 national parks encompass a diversity of unspoiled habitats and ecosystems which offer refuge to unique, and often ancient, plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth.

Tasmania is renowned for its magnificent bushwalking opportunities. The island offers walking experiences for all – from short strolls to challenging wilderness treks. The walks cover a diverse array of environments, from ancient rainforests and empty, white-sand beaches to inspiring overnight walks through Australia’s most mountainous landscapes.


The College of Health and Medicine at the University of Tasmania in conjunction with the Australian Antarctic Division offer an intensive eight day Expedition Medicine Course in winter and summer each year. One of the many strengths of this course is that it has been designed to meet the needs of health professionals and non-health professionals working in remote locations who are seeking more than a standard Wilderness First Aid qualification. The winter course has a focus on hostile, cold weather environments and the summer course has a steep terrain focus. Both courses cover the same theory which includes cold injury management, wound repair, search and rescue techniques, rope skills, the use of splints and stretchers, steep terrain rescue and evacuation, remote area communication and navigation and field skills.


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