Pre Conference Course

Thursday 13th October 2016
Advanced Maternity Reflexology

One day Course – Mauricio (Moshe) Kruchik
0830 Course Commences | Owen Homeopathics, 443 Great Eastern Highway, Redcliffe

We will train techniques that allow us to cope with the consequences of changes in pregnancy (hormonal, anatomical, physiological, metabolic) so we can know exactly what to do and how to plan a course of treatment during pregnancy, from the very beginning of pregnancy, the preparation of birth and helping with lactation.

The techniques include: how to effectively and quickly treat swollen legs and other swelling processes (Hemorrhoids, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Vulva Varices).  Morning Sickness, Heartburn, and how to promote birth.  7 CPT – Activity 1

$250 Early Bird if paid in full prior to 15th July 2016
$280 Normal if paid in full prior to 1st September 2016
$310 Late (upon availability) after 1st September 2016

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More Information & registrations please email Mauricio Kruchik:

1630 Course Concludes

Reflexology Association of Australia Conference

Friday 14th October 2016

1600 Registration
1800 – 1900 Welcome Reception | Ascot Quays

Saturday 15th October 2016

0800 – 0820 Registration | Ascot Quays Foyer
0820 – 0915 Opening Ceremony | Conservatory Lawn Area
0915 – 1045 Keynote Speaker: Lone Sorensen | Ascot Room
Temprana REFLEX therapy
1045 – 1115 Morning Tea | Conservatory Lawn Area
Concurrent Sessions – Delegates can choose which presentations they wish to attend
1115 – 1215 Zen reflexology
Louise Dennison
Musculo-skeletal reflexology
Tony Miller
1215 – 1315 Reflexology for our young
Susan Ramsey
The power and charisma of diversity: Encouraging your client to explore the many paths to wellness
Glenda Hodge
1315 – 1415 Lunch | Conservatory Lawn Area
Concurrent Sessions – Delegates can choose which presentations they wish to attend
Room 1 Room 2
1415 – 1515 The healing touch: Jin Shin Jyutsu® physio-philosophy and some parallels with reflexology
Maria Miniello
Living fearlessly – the reflexologist’s role in integrative health 
Sonia Bailey
1515 – 1545 Afternoon Tea | Conservatory Lawn Area
1545 -1645 Plenary Speaker: Dr Anna Petterson | Ascot Room
The development of safe practice guidelines for the use of reflexology in an outpatient chemotherapy clinic
1645 – 1715 Closing of day
1830 – late Dinner Dance | Ascot Room

Sunday 16th October

0830-0915 Registration | Ascot Quays Foyer
0915 – 0930 Welcome | Ascot Room
0930 – 1100 Keynote Speaker: Mauricio Kruchik
1100 – 1130 Morning Tea | Conservatory Lawn Area
1130 – 1230 Plenary Speakers: Abbigail Langstone-Wring & Tracey Dare
“Our research journey” : An integrated approach
1230 – 1315 AGM
1315 – 1415 Lunch | Conservatory Lawn Area
1415 – 1515 Plenary Speaker: Peta Anderson | Ascot Room
Why working with energy requires work/life balance
1515 – 1600 Closing Ceremony & Handover | Ascot Room

Post Conference Courses

Monday 17th & Tuesday 18th October
Dementia, Alzheimer and Parkinson’s

Monday 17th & Tuesday 18th October
Reflexology for the Treatment of Pain

Two day Course – Lone Sorensen Two day Course – Mauricio (Moshe) Kruchik
0930 Course commences | Ascott Quays Apartment Hotel, Perth 0930 Course commences | Owen Homeopathics, 443 Great Eastern Highway, Redcliffe
Monday & Tuesday

The course includes information about the pathology and understanding of the dysfunction of the body and brain when developing illnesses, such as different types of Dementia, Alzheimer and Parkinson’s.

You will learn how to incorporate Facial, Foot & Hand Reflex therapy methods into an effective and manageable treatment that you can use daily in your clinic.

You will also learn to instruct family or caregivers to give treatment of the hands at home.

During the course, different base models of Facial, Foot and Hand Reflexology will be taught, giving participants an understanding of how to design a treatment protocol for professional treatment as well as for home treatment.


Monday & Tuesday

This course introduces a completely NEW concept of treating pain, empowering PLEASURE.

Through a very friendly methodology and specific techniques for difference kinds of pain you will get quick and amazing therapeutic results with long term benefit for your patients.  These INNOVATIVE techniques include Reflexology with ICE, Reflexology win Motion and a wide array of effective techniques for the treatment of Migraine, PMT, Plantar Fascitis, IBD, Joint Pain and many more.  14 CPT – Activity 1


$495* Early Bird if paid in full prior to 31st July 2016
$595* After 31st July 2016Download Flyer*see application
$450 Early Bird if paid in full prior to 15th July 2016
$480 Normal if paid in full prior to 1st September 2016
$530 Late (upon availability) after 1st September 2016Download FlyerMore Information & registrations please email Mauricio Kruchik:
1700 Course concludes 1730 Course concludes


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