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Sunday 1 December 17:00 – 19:00

  • 60th Anniversary of the signing of the Antarctic Treaty
  • Icebreaker and Registration, 12th Polar Law Symposium
    Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, 20 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point

Day 1, Monday 2 December

 0845 Registration
  Official Opening
Aurora Lecture Theatre
09:15 MC (Julia Jabour) Acknowledgement of Country and Housekeeping
09:20 Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner, AC, Governor of Tasmania (Opening)
09:30 Vice Chancellor of the University of Tasmania, Professor Rufus Black (Welcome)
09:45 Keynote Presenter: Ambassador Marie Jacobsson – The Fundamental Principles of Polar Law
10:30 Morning Tea in the Gallery  10:30-11:00
The Fundamental Principles of Polar Law
Chair: Julia Jabour
11:00 Richard Rowe – The endurance of the Antarctic Treaty
11:25 Steven Chown – The important scientific links between the polar regions
11:50 Timo Koivurova – Possible future stresses on the polar regions (tbc)
12:30 Lunch 12:30 – 14:00
  Developments in Polar Law
Indigenous Peoples
Chair: Marcus Haward Chair: Antje Neumann
14:00 Natalia Loukacheva, Polar law-making and the Arctic Council Martin Mennecke, Indigenous rights in the Arctic and UN Human Rights Council
14:15 Tony Press, Law-making in the Antarctic Treaty System Grant Christensen, Native Alaskan Corporations as models
14:30 Andrew Simon-Butler, 100 years of the Svalbard Treaty Yu Cao, Communities’ reflections on oil companies’ corporate social responsibility
14:45 Donald R Rothwell, The Madrid Protocol, development and current status Nikolas Sellheim, The UN Declaration on the rights of Peasants
15:00 Andrew Serdy, The Long Grass at the North Pole
15:30 Afternoon Tea in the Gallery 15:30 – 16:00  
  Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ)
Indigenous Peoples II
Chair: David Leary Chair: Guðmundur Alfreðsson
16:00 Ilaria Tani, The relevance of the concept of BBNJ in polar marine areas Harry Hobbs, The Swedish Sámi Parliament: Lessons for Institutional Design in Australia
16:15 Sabrina Hassan, A new international legally-binding instrument for proper Arctic marine resource governance Corinna Casi, Indigenous common struggles and strategies to face them
16:30 Danielle Smith, BBNJ, CCAMLR and Marine Protected Areas (Free Association, to come)
16:45 Sen Wang, Access and benefit-sharing of marine genetic resources in Antarctica (Free Association to come)
17:30 Reception at Government House. Buses leave IMAS promptly at 17:30 (cannot be delayed) and return to IMAS at around 19:15

Day 2, Tuesday 3 December

PCRC-ArCS Special Session – Arctic legal and policy research 2020-25 #1
Security I
Chair: Akiho Shibata Chair:  Indi Hodgson-Johnston
09:00 Kentaro Nishimoto, Post ArCS Arctic law and policy research Pierluigi Salvatai, The Arctic as frontier and laboratory of international intelligence collection
09:15 Betsy Baker, Networking regional and national Arctic science programs Kamrul Hossain, Viewing cyber security through human security lens
09:30 Tanja Joona, Arctic challenge for sustainability Bipandeep Sharma, ‘De-securitizing Arctic’ in the era of climate change
09:45 Jacqueline Espenilla, The next phase for Arctic governance? Johnny Grøneng Aase, The Polar Code, tele-medicine and patient data protection
 10:30 Morning Tea in the Gallery 10:30 – 11:00
Special Session – Jeff McGee (Antarctic Documents Database demonstration)
PCRC-ArCS Special Session – Arctic legal and policy research 2020-25 #2
Security II
Time Chair: Akiho Shibata Chair: Dwayne Ryan Menezes
11:00 Baozhi Cheng, Co-progressiveness of Arctic governance Randy ‘Church’ Kee, Key issues in Arctic Security
11:15 Mana Tugend and Dorothée Cambou, Conservation for sustainable development and human rights Heather Nicol, Regional Border Security Management in the Territorial North
11:30 Romain Chuffart et al, The expanding role of Arctic Council Observer States Christian Leuprecht, An alternative border management paradigm in North American Arctic
11:45 Alexandra Carlton, Fish going north: new routes, new trade, new disease in the Arctic Alan Hemmings, Challenges to substantive demilitarization in the Antarctic Treaty area
 1230 Lunch 12:30 – 14:00
Book Launch (Introduced by Dr Nengye Liu): Nengye Liu, Cassandra M Brooks and Tianbao Qin (eds) Governing Marine Living Resources in the Polar Regions (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar) 2019
Kobe PCRC Special Session – Antarctic Treaty System Resilience
International Law
Time Chair: Akiho Shibata Chair: Nikolas Sellheim
14:00 Patrizia Vigni, Is Article IV of the Antarctic Treaty still suitable for the governance of the Antarctic seas? Alla Pozdnakova, Outer space and polar regions: challenges for international law and governance
14:15 Jill BarrettThe importance of effective compliance and enforcement for long-term resilience of the ATS Rachael Lorna Johnstone, From the Indian Ocean to the High Arctic: What the Chagos Archipelago advisory opinion tells us about Greenland
14:30 Kees Bastmeijer, Antarctica as Top Tourist Destination: Testing the Resilience of the Antarctic Treaty System Ekaterina Antsygina, Dividing the Arctic: Sovereign rights on extended continental shelves
14:45 Zia Madani, Third states’ presence on the 7th continent Yu Long, Resilience to collective decision-making: IWC and CCAMLR
1530 Afternoon Tea in the Gallery 15:30 – 16:00 Special Session – Jeff McGee (Antarctic Documents Database demonstration)
Policy–Law–Science Nexus in Antarctica
Asian Interests in Polar Affairs
Time Chair: Luis Valentín Ferrada Chair: Marcus Haward
16:00 Osamu Inagaki and Gen Hashida, DROMLAN and the Antarctic Treaty System
Barry Scott Zellen, Global co-management and the emergent Arctic
16:15 Sakiko Hataya and Akiho Shibata, Legal implications of Chinese Kunlun Station at Dome A Liu He, China’s engagement in Antarctic governance under the Xi administration
16:30 Arron Honiball, The role of nationality jurisdiction in CCAMLR and beyond Marc Lanteigne, Causes (and effects) of China’s Belt and Road policies in the Arctic
16:45 Jason Thomson, Border Drift: Norwegian Antarctic Territorial Expansion 1939–2017 Yuanyuan Ren, Reflections on the Compatibility of China’s practices in the Arctic ocean and the South China Sea: A focus on historic maritime claims
17:00 Nengye Liu, The US-China trade war and the future of international polar law
1900  Conference Dinner
Frank Restaurant,
1 Franklin Wharf, Hobart
Bookings can be made when registering for the conference.

Day 3, Wednesday 4 December

Antarctic Treaty System 1
NGOs in Polar Affairs
Chair: Julia Jabour Chair: Lyn Goldsworthy
09:00 Trevor Daya-Winterbottom, ATS: Achievements and prospects Nicole Bransome, NGO influence on development of measures for effective CCAMLR krill management
09:15 Gabriel De Paula and Francisco Tuñez, Coordination among domestic and international decision-making processes within the framework of the ATS Claire Christian, NGO contribution to the new vessel code for polar regions
09:30 Luis Valentín Ferrada, Comparative analysis of domestic law about the Antarctic Julian Chen, NGO contribution to China’s participation in Antarctic governance
09:45 Indi Hodgson-Johnston, Framing the concept of territorial status of Antarctica Elena Zharkova, NGOs, marine protected areas, and Russia
10:00 Hanne Nielsen and Gabriela Roldan, Polar Policy in Practice: Tour Guiding in Antarctica
  Morning Tea in the Gallery 10:30 – 11:00
Antarctic Treaty System 2
Arctic Marine
Chair: Andrew Jackson Chair: Rachael Lorna Johnstone
11:00 Carolina Flores and Luis Valentín Ferrada, Environmental liability in Antarctica David VanderZwaag, Governance of the Central Arctic Ocean
11:15 Gustavo Ramírez Buchheister, Unauthorized activities in the Antarctic Treaty area Godfred Khartey, Integrated responsibility approach: ABMT and MPAs in the Arctic
11:30 David Leary, The case for enhanced protection of Antarctica’s unique geoheritage Jan Solski, New Russian legislative approaches and the applicable navigational rights and freedoms within the Northern Sea Route
11:45 Nikolas Kempf, Towards a role for the International Seabed Authority in the Antarctic Daria Shvets, The legal regime of submarine cables and UNCLOS
12:30 Lunch 12:30 – 14:00  
Antarctic Marine
Environmental Law and Management I
Time Chair: Marcus Haward Chair: Jeff McGee
14:00 Zsofia Korosy, Does it matter if there is a Southern Ocean? Hema Nadarajah, Examining the prevalence of soft law: Cases of Arctic and climate change
14:15 Leilei Zou, Resilience of ATS in the perspective of CCAMLR development Seita Romppanen and Sabaa Ahmad Khan, Legal gaps and complexities of polar pollution in an Arctic context
14:30 Lyn Goldsworthy, Putting conservation back into the CAMLR Convention Danielle Pensley, PFAS drinking water contamination in Alaska
14:45 Denzil Miller and E Murray, Trust but verify: Fisheries compliance evaluation and sustainable Antarctic marine living resource management Maruf Maruf, Indonesia’s interest in the Arctic region
15:30 Afternoon Tea in the Gallery 15:30 – 16:00  
 Polar Commentaries
Environmental Law and Management II
Chair: Tony Press Chair: Jeff McGee
16:00 Edythe Weeks, Peopling the future: Pre-colonization stage of polar regions development and outer space development Assi Harkoma, Good practices for EIA and meaningful engagement in the Arctic
16:15 Jiangtian Xu, Who can make the regime in the Arctic region? John Abrahamson, Legal framework for the development of polar satellite monitoring and pooled emergency response vessel regimes
16:30 Roald Berg, The Spitzbergen proto-condominium treaty of 1920 Tatiana Sorokina, POPs monitoring in the Russian Arctic
16:45 Ryan Musto, Atom-free Antarctica: Its origins and lessons for the Arctic Antje Neumann, ‘Arctic wilderness lessons’ for regulating/managing Antarctic tourism
 1700 Official close and handover to Professor Akiho Shibata, Kobe University, Japan – host of 13th Polar Law Symposium 2020  


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