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Tuesday 3 December

Postgraduate/Early Career Researcher Day: 356 North Wing, Arts West

12.30-1.00 Registration
1.00-2.00 Grant adventures: The ups and downs of the grant process
Knox Peden, Christopher Mayes, Louise Richardson-Self
2.00-3.00 Afternoon Tea
3.00-4.00 Philosophy pathways: What can you do and how you can get there
Jack Reynolds, Ross Barham, Rachel Joy
4.00-4.30 Break
4.30-5.30 Publishing without perishing: Publication tips
Marguerite La Caze, Andrew Inkpin, Daniel Lopez


Public Lecture B117 Glyn Davies Building/Melbourne School of Design (free, no registrations required)

7.30-8.30 This Life: Why Mortality Makes Us Free
Martin Hägglund 


Wednesday 4 December

8.15-8.45 Registration
8.45-10.30 Welcome to Country: Aunty Di.
Conference Opening: Prof. Margaret Cameron (Head of School, SHAPS, University of Melbourne
Keynote – Rebecca Comay, ‘Deadlines (literally)’
10.30-11.00 Morning Tea
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9 Room 10
11.00-12.30 Thematic Panel:
Religion and the Limits of Reason in
the Early and Late

Ingo Farin

Transcending Reason

Martin Leckey

The Gods in the Fourfold: The Divine
in Later Heidegger

Thematic Panel:
Hegel and French

Mario Wenning and
Jingwen Zheng

Amour proper and Annerkenung:
Rousseau’s Challenge
to Hegel

Gregory S. Moss

Towards an Ecstatic
Phenomenology of the Ἓν καὶ Πᾶν

Janice Richardson

Spinoza, Locke, and
the Influence Industry

Anya Daly

The Declaration of Interdependence!: Feminism, grounding and enactivism

John Cleary

What is an Idea? Plato’s
theory of
participation and mathematics

Joeri Mol

Organizing Space:
Subjectivity and the Surveillant

Leonard D’Cruz

The Methodological
Significance of
Foucault’s Normative

Steven Churchill

“It is stupid to confuse the
moral and the
aesthetic”: Sartre’s moralising in his
amoral imaginary

George Duke

Political Romanticism

Book Panel: Jon Roffe, ed., The Works of Gilles Deleuze
Joe Hughes
Vincent Le
Sanja Mladenovic

Jon Rubin

Spinoza and the Maker’s Knowledge

Kazi A S M Nurul
HudaA Recognition
Theoretic Account of Hermeneutical

Sean Bowden

Expressive action and
destratification in A Thousand Plateaus

Vincent Le

The Deepfakes to Come: A Turing Cop’s

Mark Kelly

Foucault and
Psychoanalysis: A Missed Encounter?

William Tullius

prolegomena to
ethical theory in the philosophical
anthropology of Edith Stein

Mike Grimshaw

The legacy of
Weimar?: Trump as
Schmittean sovereign
and Taubesean

12.30-2.00 Lunch
2.00-3.30 Thematic Panel:
Nietzsche’s Politics

Nicola Chadwick

On Conway’s
Account of
Nihilism and
Decadence in Nietzche

Paul Patton

Democracy and Cultural Elites in

Vanessa Lemm

Nietzsche’s Great Politics of the Event

Danfei Liu

Rethinking the
‘Problematic’ in
Economic and
Manuscript of 1844

Christian Parker

Derrida’s Last

Brett Nicholls

In catastrophic times: Jean Baudrillard’s
impossible exchange with science

Ben Hjorth

and field of
“cause(rie)” in/as the language of

Brendan Duncan

thinking in Badiou and Mādhyamaka:
negativity and the communicability of non-conceptual truth

Christopher Lloyd
BuckleAristotle and
Heidegger on Pathos and Being
HondroudakisLogos, Analogos, Techne: Planetary
Computation and the
Technopolitics of Abstraction
Book Panel:
Marguerite La Caze, Ethical Restoration
after Communal
Violence: The Grieving and the Unrepentant
Margarite La Caze
Simone Drichel
Peter Banki

David Blencowe

Totality is modern and it is material: historical materialism
beyond the social

James Kent

Hans Blumenberg on the Rigorism of Truth and the Strangeness
of the Past

Glen Veitch

Is a Climate Disaster Inevitable? Process Philosophy as a Call to Action

Kirk Turner

“Sex slash death is in my
head”: on virginal, suicidal, redemptive,
repetitive, sadistic and fantasmatic
responses to the problematic of the drive

Caitlyn Lesiuk

Revisiting Badiou’s Beckett: literature as an evental site in
L’immanence des vérités

Maks Sipowicz

Walter Charleton and the Cartesian

Roman Meinhold

Elucidating the
Relation between
Digital and EcoSystemic

Yanhui Bai

Materialism in the Perspective of Marx’s Political Philosophy
materialism beyond the social

Joel Glazebrook

Towards a creative
ethnology of human
sacrifice: the
methodology of Bataille’s and Wittgenstein’s
approach to

Larelle Bossi

Gelassenheit in the
waterscape: thinking
about our experience of coastal and
atic environments.

Rosemary Overell

The reveal of the Real in hashtag politics

Reto Oechslin

Fin Fatale: We Are To Undo Badiou’s Knot

Emily Hughes

Towards a
theory of affect

Vanessa Arapko


3.30-4.00 Break
4.00-5.30 Thematic Panel:
Techne, Polis, and
Differenz in

Richard Colledge

Kant’s ‘Ontological
Heidegger on Kant on
Being as Position

Miguel Vatter
Martin Buber and
Martin Heidegger on
Dasein, Polis, and

Dimitris Vardoulakis
Heidegger’s Ruse of
Techne and

Jacinta Sassine

Rhetoric and Justice in the Sophist Gorgias

David Emmanuel
RoweHow to be a self: A
Nietzschean guide
BoerdamWhat’s Left for Žižek?

Dipen Barua

Becoming, Being, and
Existence in Indian
Thoughts: A
Conceptual Analysis
from the Perspective
of Buddhist Term Bhava

Brendan Duncan and
Ella BryningTo Admit
the Pleasure-giving
Muse: Poetry and Thought in the work of Iris Murdoch, Judith Balso and Alain Badiou

Caterina Diotto

Walter Benjamin: the
romantic form of the novel and the sense of life


Brianni Lee

A Comparative
Critique of Foucault
and Adorno: Defining
a Domain of
Authentic Action between Preserving
Negativity and
Talking Back

Book Panel: Martin
Hägglund, This Life:
Secular Faith and
Spiritual Freedom
Conall Cash
Mathew Abbott
Tristan Bradshaw
and Ben BrownCritical antiquities and theorizing
modern crises

Jamie Parr

Suffering and
Transfiguration in Nietzsche: Some Observations

Jayson Jimenez

Anthropocene and the ‘Post-Kantian Decider’

Thomas Redwood

Rudolf Steiner’s
Philosophy of
Freedom in the light of his later work

Robyn Adler

The Other Side of Transparency-art and the opaque subject of psychoanalysis

Edward Bradford

Terminology in the
Foreword” to Walter
Benjamin’s Origin of the German


Wendyl Luna

Enlightenment as Parrēsia: Foucault on
Kant’s reprisal of the Greek problem


Venessa Ercole

Nietzsche’s Dionysian
Care of Self and the Musical Secret

Tom Ford



Scott Robinson

Neoliberalism and Nihilism: Theses on Wendy Brown’s


William Hebblewhite

Time, Space and Distribution

5.30-7.30 ASCP Reception


Thursday 5 December

8.30-9.00 Registration
9.00-10.30 Keynote – Samantha Matherne, ‘Recapturing Edith Landmann-Kalischer’s Theory of Aesthetic Value’
10.30-11.00 Morning Tea
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9 Room 10
11.00-12.30 Thematic Panel: Nature, Culture, Social Critique

Loughlin Gleeson

‘Critical Naturalism’
in Hegel and Marx

Simon Lumsden

Hegel’s Theory of Culture

Cat Moir

The Nature of Hegel’s Social and Political

Heikki Ikäheimo

The Self-creating Lifeform of persons and
its limits

Bahar Mirteymouri

Spinoza’s Freedom

Alex Cain

Arendt’s contradictions:
Eichmann in
Jerusalem in the
perspective of
Arendt’s practice of Socratic dialogue

Bertille De Vlieger

knowledge and its value in society

Artem Bourov

Making sense of self-awareness: phenomenology beyond qualitative feel

Amy Hickman

Inheritance and
Difference in Esposito and Derrida

Conall Cash

Truth and
Intersubjectivity in Merleau-Ponty’s Political Thought

Ahlam Mustafa
Abukhoti“Circles of
Memory”; An
Approach to
Cultural Memory in
the Postcolonial Arab Context
Book Panel:
Marguerite La Caze
and Magdalena
Zolkos, eds.,
Perspectives on
Jankélévitch: On
What Cannot Be
Marguerite La Caze
Magdalena Zolkos
Paul Atkinson
Peter Banki
Tim Flanagan

Josipa Mickova

Intelligibility of the eternal, or against teleology: ground for
Spinoza’s ethics

Daniel Brennan

Wonder and the
private sphere in Iris Marion Young and Hannah Arendt

Ezechiel Thibaud


James Wells

Beyond Narrative and Sameness:

Stephen Abblitt

autoimmunity and the education of
Jacques Derrida

George Wood

Feeling Language:
Merleau-Ponty and Creative Expressions

Daniel Badenhorst

They cannot descend:
Frantz Fanon and Jean-Paul Sartre on ‘the zone of nonbeing’

Moira Gatens

Singularity, Similarity,
and Exemplarity in

Michelle Boulous‐
WalkerThe Work of Laughter is the Work of Philosophy: Diotima and Arendt

Joel Katzav

Grace and Theodore de
Dogmatism and Evolution (or, A tale of modern philosophy,
Willard V. Quine and the
of speculative

Mackenzie Groff

Nostalgia, Exile and other Reconstructive
Tools in a
Understanding of the Fractured Self

David Newheiser

Derrida’s Atheism

Pat McConville

Phenomenology and Artificial Hearts

Rachel Joy

The topopoiesis of
mourning: a creative
melancholia towards
decolonization in Australia.

12.30-2.00 Lunch
1.00-2.00 – Equity & Diversity Plenary – Karen Jones, Augustine Obi, Rachel Joy
2.00-3.30 Thematic Panel:
French Husserl

Knox Peden

On Jean Cavaillès

Bryan Cooke

On Michel Henry

Karen Green

Women’s reception
of Kant, 1790-1810

Nathan Bell

Refugees: Towards a
new Concept of the Political

Kate Phelan

The Epistemic
Invisibility of Rape

Grace Campbell

Intentionally sought
self-destruction and the work of Sabina

Hegelian Transformation of

Antonia Pont

Subhabituality: an ethics of time after Deleuze and Foucault

Latheesh Mohan

The perhaps of spirit and being: Dialectical
Ontology of rhythm

Martine Prange

On the Relation of
Truth, Democracy,
and Critique:
‘Parrhesia’ in Times of Post-Truth and

Book Panel:
Raymond Ruyer, The
Genesis of Living
Jon Roffe
Maurizio Melloni
Nicholas Barthel de

Mathew Abbott

The Vulnerability of Self-Conscious
Animals: On Hegel’s
Amphibians and Géricault’s Horses

Robert Boncardo

The Last Days of the Dialectic: Alain Badiou’s Political Engagements, 1969-1981

Luara Karlson‐Carp

Parsing the impasse of sexual difference:
Irigaray with and
against Heidegger and Lacan

Jane Connell

Nietzsche, Freud and
the Baroness Moser: A reading of the ‘compulsion(s) to repeat’

Andrew Inkpin

Complex Community:
Towards a
Phenomenology of Language Sharing

John McIntyre

Michel Foucault’s

Michael Fagenblat
and Antonio VargasWho Cares:
Heidegger on “the truth of a people”

Monte Pemberton

Virtues and values in
Australian political

3.30-4.00 Break
4.00-5.30 Thematic Panel:
Reconsidering Lukács

Daniel Lopez

The Finite and the
Infinite in Lukács and

Cat Moir
The Nature of Social
Ontology in Lukács
and Bloch

Julien Potter
The Road from
Syracuse: Lukács and
Heidegger on the
Titanic Individual

Chris van Rompaey

Aristoteles latinus
and the discourse of
early modern

Elizabeth Presa

Toysr-Us: Infancy and
Art. Agamben’s
account of infancy, play, temporality and
possibilities for art.

Francis Russell

Cruel Optimism and NeuroLiberalism in the Work of Catherine Malabou

Sameema Zahra

Housewife and the Ambiguities of Time

Michael Lazarus

Gillian Rose, Georg Lukács and the Lament over
Reification: Sociological or
Speculative Critique?

Ben Kearvell

Disability and its Deleuzions:
Disability Studies from a Deleuzean

Adrian Marshall

Heidegger vs. Kant’s Concept of Comportment and the notion of Divinity in Virtual Reality

Book Panel:
Alison Ross,
Revolution and
History in Walter
Alison Ross
Justin Clemens
Knox Peden
Jessica Whyte

Tim Flanagan

Plotinus’ Orientalism
and the Language
Within Language

Michael Hearn

Spoke The Student from Bologna: In Defence of The Blush and Embarrassment

Louise Richardson‐
SelfProposing an
account of the
‘dominant (Englishspeaking) online social imaginary’

Paul Atkinson

Simultaneity of
Flows: Bergson,
Wildon Carr and the
Relativity of Life

Raphaella Elaine
MirandaAdorno Contra
Idealism: A Critique of Husserl’s Notion of Objectivity

Corey Cribb

Philosophy: Thought and the Outside in
Deleuze’s ‘Foucault’

Blake Stove

Truth and Method of
Heidegger’s Analytic of Dasein

Daniel Mcloughlin

‘The Bloody
Mystification of a
New Planetary
Order’: Homo Sacer
and the global
democratic spectacle

imaginaries of
success and failure of tech entrepreneurs in
Colombia: a critical approach

Marilyn Stendera

Bergson and
Heidegger on Time, World and Enaction

William Bennett

Does Sovereignty
Transgress History?

Dominic Williams


Sushobhona Pal

A Heideggerian
Perspective to

7.00 Conference Dinner – Naughtons Hotel


Friday 6 December

8.30-9.00 Registration
9.00-10.30 Keynote – Martin Hägglund, ‘Secular Faith and Political Emancipation’
10.30-11.00 Morning Tea
10.30-12.30 Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9 Room 10
11.00-12.30 Thematic Panel:
Kant and the
Philosophy of Life

Dennis Schmidt

Kant and the
‘Feeling of Life’

Andrew Benjamin

The Life of Reason:
Kant’s Critique of

Desmond Sander

The Poverty of

Jon Roffe

From the sublime to
the beautiful soul: the conservatism of Deleuze’s late neoKantianism

Christopher Watkin

To have done with
Latour and ecology

Robert Sinnerbrink

Discourses on love:
Terrence Malick’s
‘Weightless’ trilogy

Benjamin Grieve‐
JohnsonAgainst Technology:
Toward a NonEthics, not of Technology

Augustine Obi

Dwells-With-Others: A
Dialogue between
Heidegger’s Mitsein and
the Sub-Saharan African
Concept of Ubuntu

Jack Reynolds, Cathy Legg

Framing the Predictive Mind:
Why We Should Think Again
About Dreyfus

Bryce Weber

Caterino’s and
Hansen’s ‘Critical
Theory, Democracy,
and the Challenge of

Book Panel: Oliver
Feltham, Destroy
and Liberate:
Political Action on
the Basis of Hume
Oliver Feltham
Justin Clemens
Charles Barbour
Jessica Whyte
Paul Patton

Valery Vinogradov

Academic and
Master: Prestige
against Style

Michael Yuen

Kant, Meillassoux
and the Neglected
Alternative: Why Speculative Realist critiques of Kant fail

Fiona Utley

Can we
be friends?
Ecological grief and
relationships of the

Michael Mosely

A contradiction in Heidegger’s artessay

Paul Healy

Living with
Technology: Human
Enhancement or Human

John Quay

Heidegger, fundamental
ontology and metontology: possibilities for
across philosophy and
the human sciences.

Justin White

Aspiration, Habit, and
Embodied Agency in MerleauPonty’s Phenomenology of Perception

Peter Banki

NeoLiberalism and the Haunting Right to Bildung

12.30-2.00 Lunch
1.00-2.00 ASCP AGM
2.00-3.30 Thematic Panel:
Institution of
Blanchot, Kojève
and Badiou at

Joe Hughes

Foundations, The Review Form, and the early essays of
Maurice Blanchot

Elliott Patsoura

Kojève, Bataille, and the Crossroads
of Critique

Jessica Marian

The Badiou Crisis at

John Preston

A Precognitive
Account of Harmony
Grounded in a
Reading of Kant’s
Theory of Perception

Gregory Marks

Thinking Flesh: Nietzsche, Hysteria, and the Gothic Body

Thematic Panel:
Crossing Avenues:
Free Spirit in the
Prison World
Valery Vinogradovs
Mahmood Fazal

Matt Marasco

Towards a Hegelian
Critique of

Brock Smith

Albert Camus: the Writer, Community, and the Role of Literature

Christopher Edwards

The Transcendental Origin of Nature: Husserl and Richard

Max Morris

Philosophy, Politics, and Cosmopolitanism: Leo Strauss and Alexandre Kojève

Book Panel: Jessica
Whyte, The Morals
of the Market:
Human Rights and
the Rise of
Jessica Whyte
Justin Clemens
Janice Richardson
Miguel Vatter
Charles Barbour

Konstantin Azarov

A Kantian approach to local color

Lachlan Ross

Nietzsche’s quietest heresy: On the
origin of causality in

Philip Martin

Making History: Art
as a Practice of
Creative Solidarity
in the Kyōto School

Jennifer Ang

Living existentially

Hora Zabarjadi Sar

The I-Alien relation and
Vertical givenness in Husserl’s
Generative Phenomenology

Norma Lam‐saw

At the limits of the
political: Bartleby’s passivity and the

Sherah Bloor

Anatomy of the
Invisible: Kant’s
diagnosis of religious disorders and the poetic cure

Thomas Moran

Unleashing the untimely one: on the transfiguration
of Dionysus
following the
eternal recurrence

Sam McAuliffe

Aesthetic Experienc

Ross Barham

The Meaning of Life –
what the science says

Kyle Gleadell

Scientism, and Formalisation:
Husserl and Klein’s contributions to the phenomenology of modern

Valentin Cartillier

Whose dead god:
the Althusserian
spectres of Hegel

3.30-4.00 Break
4.00-5.30 Plenary: The Work of Justin Clemens

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