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Thursday 7 November 2019

0830 Registration – Napier Level 1 Foyer
Napier Lecture Theatre 102
0900-0905 Welcome – Conference Convenor
0905-0915 Welcome to Country – Kaurna representative
0915-0935 Official Opening – ENVIRONMENT MINISTER, Hon David Speirs
0940-1020 Keynote Speaker
Professor Andrew D Short
1020-1100 Keynote Speaker
Dr Felicity-ann Lewis
1100-1130 Morning Tea
1130-1200 Keynote Speaker
Associate Professor Beverley Clarke
1200-1230 Keynote Speaker
Anita Crisp
1230-1330 Lunch
A1 – Coastal Processes B1 – Gaps in Coastal Knowledge 
Room Napier Lecture Theatre 102 Napier Lecture Theatre G03
1330-1350 Alkaline earth metal isotopes as a novel tool to contstrain water sources and changes in carbonate precipitation in the lagoon-estuarine environments
Yuexiao Shao
Why you need to let go of planned retreat and embrace assisted transition
Allan Young
1350-1410 Integrating innovative technologies for automated hydrography
Hugh Parker
Nearshore hydrodynamic measurements in the Gulf Saint Vincent
Dr Graziela Miot Da Silva
1410-1430 Development of coastal transgressive dunefields in South Australia
Dr Graziela Miot Da Silva
Failures or nirvana? Building and upgrading coastal infrastructure
Peter Halton
1430-1450 Assessing shoreline change at the Cape Jaffa Marina SE South Australia
Marcio Dasilva
Validating cumulative impact methods in marine systems
Jackson Stockbridge
1450-1530 Afternoon Tea
A2 – Coastal Hazards B2 – Coastal Collaboration
Room Napier Lecture Theatre 102 Napier Lecture Theatre G03
1530-1550 Securing Adelaide’s metropolitan beaches, the next stage
Dr Murray Townsend
Coastal management strategy – Yorke Peninsula Council
Letitia Dahl-helm, Deborah Furbank
1550-1610 Aldinga beach cliffs – coastal erosion protection
Joanna Garcia-Webb
Life is a beach: ensuring access to the beach for everyone
Yvette Eglinton
1610-1630 Innovations in coastal stability assessments – case sstudy at Robe
Lyndon Sanders, Jason Barnett
Marine Park connections: creating ocean advocacy in community by blending Aboriginal culture and connection and traditional science and knowledge
Dr Shelley Paull
1630-1650 Tackling coastal erosion in Onkaparinga
Nina Keath, Salvador Juardo
Coastal fusion
Linda Durham, Kristy Watson
1730-1930 COCKTAIL EVENT (ticketed) | The National Wine Centre


Friday 8 November 2019

0845 Registration – Napier Level 1 Foyer
Napier Lecture Theatre 102
0900-0905 Welcome Conference Convenor
0905-0945 Keynote Speaker
Professor Michelle Waycott
0945-1035 Keynote Speaker
Mr Martin Haese
1040-1105 Morning Tea
A3 – Blue Carbon B3 – Coastal Collaboration
Napier Lecture Theatre 102 Napier Lecture Theatre G03
1110-1130 Blue carbon dynamics during tidal restoration; results from a trial at the Dry Creek salt field
Associate Professor Luke Mosley
Preparing for coastal flooding – supporting the community to help themselves and each other
Anna Pannell
1130-1150 A blue carbon strategy for South Australia
Louisa Perrin, Daniel Hanisch
Gazania free gardens – a multi layered approach to engaging coastal communities to drive behaviour change
Caroline Taylor, Shen Mann
1150-1210 Horseshoe Bay: is there a case for adopting transformative change?
Mark Western, Shen Mann
1210-1230 Blue carbon in South Australian coastal ecosystems
Dr Alice Jones
Coast Protection Board – sustaining SA’s coast through land-use planning reform
Arron Broom
1230-1330 Lunch
A4 – Coastal Restoration B4 – Coastal Conservation
Napier Lecture Theatre 102 Napier Lecture Theatre G03
1330-1350 The port waterways water quality improvement plan: are we there yet?
Sam Gaylard
Broadscale habitat condition of Spencer Gulf: changing condition and cumulative pressures
Matthew Nelson
1350-1410 Seagrass restoration off the Adelaide coast
Associate Professor Jason Tanner
Fixated on fledglings – 10 years of monitoring the breeding success of the Hooded Plover and other beach nesting birds in SA
Emma Stephens, Aleisa Lamanna
1410-1430 From little things big things grow
Corey Jackson
Improving coastal benthos mapping with hyperspectral imagery
Dr Ken Clarke
1430-1450 Observations of change at previously surveyed saltmarsh sites
Doug Fotheringham
Subtidal reefs in the Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges region: A strategic approach to monitoring
Danny Brock
1450-1530 Afternoon Tea
A5 – Coastal Processes B5 – Coastal Conservation
Napier Lecture Theatre 102 Napier Lecture Theatre G03
1530-1550 The secret life of fish: what can BRUVS tell us about subtidal reefs?
Jamie Hicks
1550-1610 Restoring Gulf St Vincent’s Reefs: Building a blue infrastructure economy
Anita Nedosyko
20 years preparing for the ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Re-introducing the Yellowish Sedge Skipper Butterfly to the Adelaide Plains
Warrick Barnes
1610-1630 The legacy of Port Pirie’s 130-year smelting history on the marine environment. What now?
Dr Hazel Vandeleur
How macro is the microplastic problem? The effect of human actiivty on microplastic distribution and uptake by intertidal invertebrates along the South Australian coastline
Janet Klein

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