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The Asia Pacific Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (APATAP) Committee is excited to announce that our 2020 annual conference will be held in Melbourne, Australia

Our conference theme this year is “Workplace violence: the role of threat assessment in preventing occupational harm”.

We are inviting presentation proposals on current trends and practice in Workplace violence and the role of threat assessment in preventing occupational harm.  Sessions can be in a number of formats including panel discussions, case studies, research findings, and interactive presentations, and we encourage presenters from a diverse range of backgrounds including law enforcement, corporate security, social media, forensic mental health, and academia.

All topics in the area of threat assessment and management are welcome at the conference. The list below provides a sample of program topics related to our theme:

  • Use of social media in workplace stalking and violence
  • Family violence and the threat to organisations
  • Client and customer aggression
  • Unreasonable and fixated complainants
  • Identification and management of insider threat
  • Insider threat

Examples of other topics in threat assessment and management:

  • Campus violence and threats
  • Group, gang, and terror-related violence
  • Grievance fuelled violence and threats
  • Stalking and harassment, family violence, sexual violence
  • Ethical and legal issues in threat assessment
  • Insider threat
  • Integrated multidisciplinary threat assessment and management: e.g. how private and corporate threat assessors can work with law enforcement agencies
  • Online interpersonal violence
  • Legal reform to improve assessment and management

Closing date for submissions is 16 September 2019.

Presentation Formats

While you will be asked to indicate your preferred presentation format, the program committee may request an alternative format be considered. The committee will allocate presentations to the program taking into account the preference of authors and the balance of the program.

We anticipate that authors will be the principal presenter for at most one featured presentation, but may be the principal presenter for more than one impact presentation and display poster.

Select below to view each format available.

  • Oral Presentation (45 Minute Presentation)
  • Poster Presentation (Hard Copy A0 Poster)

Presentation Portal


Thank you for your submission.

Notifications of results will be released in early October.

Submitting your abstract

Submission Procedure

  1. Prepare your abstract
    Prepare your 300 word abstract text. This applies for both Poster and Oral presentation formats.
  2. Enter your contact details
    Go to the Presentation Portal (above) to enter your contact details.
  3. Enter Presenter and Author details
    Enter names and affiliations of the presenter and authors.  Also enter brief biography of the presenter(s), 100 words is sufficient.
  4. Prepare a presentation outline
    In addition to submitting your abstract, each presenter is asked to outline their presentations key points in 2-3 sentences to completement their abstracts for the reviewing panel.

Abstract Details

For each abstract you submit you will be asked to enter the following information:

  • Presentation title
  • Preferred presentation format
  • Name/s of author/s
  • Affiliation/s of author/s
  • Indicate the presenter
  • Short (100 word) biography of the presenter(s)

Presentation Outline

The presentation outline should articulate succinctly the key points and summary of your presentation to ensure the presentation is reviewed accurately. Oral Presentations will be allocated 45 minutes; therefore, your presentation outline should be broken into 10 minutes sections with a detailed summary for each section ensuring you have included all key points.

Presentation title, topic, purpose or objective and main idea.

Background information on topic

Specific details, explanations or descriptions of topic (there may be more than 3)

  • Explanation and details of example #1
  • Explanation and details of example #2
  • Explanation and details of example #3

Closing statement or summary about your topic

Need some guidance?

If you have questions or just want to talk about your idea, we encourage you to get in touch with one of our committee members:

For general questions on submitting an abstract or questions about the conference, please email

Review Process

The Program Committee will review all submitted abstracts.

As there are limited places for oral presentations some abstracts submitted for oral presentation may be offered posters. Authors in these cases will be advised and asked to confirm whether they wish to present a poster.

Presenters Registration

All presenters will be required to register for the conference and pay the appropriate registration fee. Presenters also need to meet their own travel and accommodation costs.

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Terms & Conditions

All registrations and bookings are subject to our standard term and conditions.

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Please contact the team at with any questions regarding the conference.
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