We’re solving the greatest challenges through innovative science and technology to build a profitable, productive, trusted and sustainable agrifood sector for the future.

Working with CSIRO provides access to world class multidisciplinary science, technology and facilities, relevant IP and global networks across the value chain.

Our research spans the gene to the plate, providing solutions to the challenges faced by the agrifood sector industries. We work in numerous ways with industry, from licensing to research collaborations, company creation and many more.

We work across Australia and 25 countries with farmers, agribusinesses, land owners, industry researchers, communities, research and development corporations, philanthropic organisations, supply chains, national and international governments, start-ups and universities.


Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht Hans-Georg Lembke KG (NPZ) is a privately-owned, medium-sized plant breeding company with head office in Hohenlieth near Eckernförde, Germany. NPZ is a successful breeder of winter and spring oilseed rape, field beans, peas and fodder plants, with more than 85 registered varieties in almost 40 countries. NPZ has branch companies and subsidiaries in Australia, Denmark, France, Great Britain and Ukraine, and shareholding in other plant breeding and seed companies in Germany, Bulgaria, the Baltic states, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Poland, Rumania, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary as well as in Belarus.


Australian Grain Technologies PTY LTD (AGT) is Australia’s largest plant breeding company. Serving all cropping regions of Australia, AGT are the market leader in wheat varieties, while also developing improved varieties of durum, barley, lupin and canola with the aim of greatly impacting upon the profitability, sustainability and prosperity of grain growers all over the country.


AusWest and Stephen Pasture Seeds have been providing pasture seed options in NSW and Victoria for over 60 years. Both started as humble family run businesses and are now known to be trusted advisors across Australia.

We are one of the only forage brassica breeding companies in the world investing in significant R&D to find the next best product for farmers to utilise in animal production. The latest release from our breeding team is Mainstar forage brassica, which has recently set new benchmarks for animal preference and utilisable yield, for improved liveweight gains.


PGG Wrightson Seeds have been in the Australian forage seed business since 1938 and introduced the first proprietary cultivar into Australia in 1987. Since this time, we have proudly led the development of improved pasture plant genetics in this country, with a focus on grazing, animal health, farm productivity, farm system fit and agronomy advice.

With one of the largest dedicated forage brassica breeding programmes in the world* with a primary focus on forage crops for the grazing animal; PGG Wrightson Seeds capture the full value of improved genetics available in today’s brassica.

We pride ourselves on delivering top of the line, innovative products backed by extensive Research and Development.

  • We have been helping Australian farmers achieve their goals for over 80 years.
  • We deliver market-leading technologies, advice and systems fit for a wide range of farming operations and climatic conditions.
  • We work closely with various local and international partners, breeding programmes and retailers to improve productivity.
  • We have experienced Sales Agronomists across all Australian states and territories.
  • Purpose built cold storage facilities to ensure endophyte percentages are maintained.

For more information on our products or for some friendly advice, contact us on 1800 619 910 or by visiting

* Forage Innovations Limited (FIL) is a joint venture between Plant & Food Research and PGG Wrightson Seeds. It is the largest dedicated forage brassica breeding company in the world.



We’re an Australian seed wholesaler, screening and supplying premium cultivars across Australasia. Our business is helping grow farmers’ productivity and profitability – choosing the right seed is just the beginning.

Seed Force was established in 2006. The founding Seed Force team was small, tough, with years of real-world farm experience and insider seed industry connections.

We quickly got to work planting local trials across Australia and attracting like-minded people with serious on-farm experience. To make sure a new Australian company could be at the forefront of plant breeding and technology, we joined forces with one of Europe’s most respected seed businesses – RAGT.

With the backing of an international seed powerhouse, we could focus on drawing on the latest R&D to help farmers get the best results from their broadacre crops, forage crops and pasture. Focussing on yield, quality, disease resistance and persistence, Seed Force has changed the game and led the way – taking farmers on the journey.

From humble beginnings to offering premium cultivars across a wide range of species, we are constantly growing, testing, fine-tuning and expanding our range. Every year we are adding new cultivars to a proven system that gives farmers the power to grow.

Our Australian operations are based in Shepparton, Victoria.

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