Assessing shoreline change at the Cape Jaffa Marina SE South Australia

Mr Marcio Dasilva1

1Flinders University, Plympton Park, Australia

The coastal zone is a dynamic area which can experience substantial change in short time periods that can be associated with weather events and with more substantial long-term morphological trends. The monitoring of shoreline change represents a significant area of interest for coastal communities and management programs responsible for its preservation. This  presentation provides a case study focused around the Cape Jaffa Marina in South Australia, assessing shoreline change associated with a constructed canal estate and adjacent coast. The research  a comprises a GIS based analysis of shoreline change utilising (i) aerial imagery collected by the State Government of South Australia prior to construction, (ii) satellite imagery collected by the Planetscope satellite system to assess the decade since construction, and, (iii) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) surveys to assess localised morphological change. The shoreline change was assessed in the Digital Shoreline Analysis System (DSAS) extension of ESRI’s ArcGIS (2019) to provide statistics of the rates of change of the past two decades. Five separate UAV surveys provide the data for Structure from Motion (SfM) photogrammetry and the creation of high-resolution Digital Surface Models (DSMs) to evaluate morphological change over time around the Cape Jaffa Marina from August 2018 to September 2019. The results provide a case study of an accreting sandy coastline experiencing substantial amounts of sediment transport, the corresponding barrier effects of coastal infrastructure, and the resulting significant morphological changes to the Cape Jaffa shoreline.


Marcio DaSilva is working on finishing his Masters of Geospatial Information Science at Flinders University, due to graduate at the end of 2019. He will submit 2 papers for publication based on his research on shoreline change at Cape Jaffa to fulfil the requirements of his Masters degree. Marcio has connected his background in geography and environmental science with the academic staff working with Coastal Management issues at Flinders University. He sees the coastline as an area of utmost importance of study and understanding as the effects of a changing climate manifest.

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