Mr Putra K.p.dalem1

1Bali Tourism Institute, Denpasar, Indonesia


At a time of gastronomic travel, leisure and tourism industries are placing food heritage at centre of a triangulation of culture, identity and market. Using the example of two duck dishes, this presentation asks: what are the consequences of the commodification of food heritage?

Following recent developments, Ubud, Bali is poised to become a United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) culinary destination. Gastro-tourism in Ubud,

Bali on the rise. Promoted and famed as the cultural heart of Bali, the town today boasts countless culinary experiences for the tourist, including ‘authentic’ local cuisine, contemporary restaurants and cooking classes and tours.

Bebek betutu is a heavily-spiced roast duck dish that is customarily served on religious occasions, and is one of the iconic dishes that has been selected to promote Ubud as a UNWTO culinary destination. It has inspired the creation of Crispy Duck which is served in restaurants catering to tourists. However, Crispy Duck has also been absorbed back into the religious sphere as an offering for ceremonies. Through a discussion of these two dishes, we find out more about the changing foodways and lifestyles of the Balinese.


1994 Diploma III,Hospitality Program, Food production in STP Nusa Dua Bali ( Bali Tourism Institute)

2002 Ekonomic Manajemen in STIMI Handayani Denpasar.

2007 Magister of Tourism In Udayana University

1998 till now as F& B Lecturer in STP Nusa Dua Bali.

1998 as acook in Ms. Desteny Carnival Cruise Lines.

1999 as Chef PT.Indovillas.

2000- 2004 as Chef in PT.Trisider Tuhoi

2007-2010 as Chef in Budha Hill Villa

2016-2017 as GM Corporate in Bebek Bengil Original.

the owner of Warung Umadue

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