Switzerland and Global Ageing Innovations – how to be a bold leader…

Fiona Onslow1

1Hobart District Nursing Service Inc

In 2015 I, Fiona Onslow was the successful recipient of a Bursary of $5000 through ACST to attend a

SAGE tour that I will be attending in September 2017 in Switzerland. The tour chosen encompasses attendance to the Global International Ageing Conference. The tour will focus is on innovation in care and engagement at a Senior Executive level.

I will be engaging with Swiss senior managers, local government representatives and peak industry associations. This tour will allow me to gain fresh insights into care delivery for my organisations and Tasmanian aged care industry.

I would like ACSA Tasmania to get the news hot off the press…

Why of interest?

As the aged care industry faces many challenges in a market driven force we need to open our

thinking to what is happening in other parts of the world.  Be brave in how we focus on the increasing challenges we face and be prepared to get uncomfortable with how we take our organisations into the new space of aged care delivery.  I plan to enlighten other leaders in the aged care sector and present on the key learnings of the conference and tour, provide insights to future aspirations we, as a sector, can develop challenge the looming workforce crisis, reflects bold leadership and provides an innovative focus.

Fiona Onslow is the Director of State Operations at The District Nurses in Tasmania.  Fiona is a

Registered Nurse with a Post-Graduate in Family and Community Health.  Fiona has worked in rural, regional and metropolitan facilities during her 19 year career in nursing and management positions.

Fiona is the recipient of the 2015 Aged Care Bursary to attend an International SAGE Tour, the

National finalist for HESTA Nursing Awards Team Innovation 2015, and her organisation were

Awarded 2014 Aged Care Organisation of the year.  Fiona has had two publications in 2016 firstly on a participatory care model that supports connectedness and mental health outcomes in community- dwelling older people and secondly in regards to an after hours model for palliative care helping people remain in their home and reducing the burden on the ambulance and emergency departments.

How to be Small, Timid and ‘Not so Flash’

Mr Rod Hunt1


The Conference theme is “Aged Care Services – Big, Bold and Beautiful”. In a humorous, satirical but provocative presentation I will flip the theme and describe how organisations can become, or remain, small, timid and ‘not so flash’. This contrasting approach will help make clear the lessons that must be learned if organisations want to be big, bold and beautiful! Utilising my experience and observations as a manager, industry association board member and consultant, I will outline strategies to preserve the status quo or regress further in

  • choosing Board members
  • understanding the Board’s role
  • avoiding strategy and strategic planning yet feigning interest
  • keeping out of politics
  • giving orders and promoting staff compliance
  • keeping outsiders, customers and those with new ideas in their place; and
  • setting the quality bar low

By providing unidentifiable examples and reflecting on lessons learned I will assist aged services to diagnose the habits that hold them back.  We will use the Aged Care Roadmap to find new territories and post Travel Advisor reviews as we go. My approach is sceptical, frank, exploratory and iconoclastic. I suggest that delegates will enjoy a few laughs or at least a wry smile.

Rod Hunt is currently working as a Consultant to not for profit and for-profit businesses. He is a former aged services manager, industry association Board member, Public Relations professional, Union official and teacher. Rod has been Master of Ceremonies for numerous Conferences and award functions.

How to thrive in a consumer directed world – driving visibility, control and agility in a competitive landscape with the right people, processes and business systems

Mr Bruce Mullan1

1The Purpose Driven Group

Consumer choice has meant organisations need to adapt to a new way of doing business involving building relationships with customers rather than funding bodies.
The entire organisation will need to work more closely with business operations to ensure both financial accountability and business agility is managed and maintained in this context.

Our presentation focuses on aligning your organisation to the consumer journey and how to develop a positive consumer experience at each stage of their journey.  We demonstrate how other retail oriented organisations accomplish the same goals for their customers at the comparable stage.

  1. Ways to be more visible (and different) in a crowded market place.
  2. Ways to demonstrate your emotive intangible benefits, fee structures and service catalogues when prospective clients are evaluating your aged care organisation.
  3. How you can provide a positive consumer experience during the intake and service delivery stages with the right people, processes and structures in place and properly enabled with the right technology.

Participants will be enlightened and provoked to consider how their organisation may need to change in a light-hearted and entertaining way to illustrate the key concepts of what it really means to be “customer centric” in a practical sense.

Bruce Mullan is CEO and Founder of The Purpose Driven Group – a boutique management consultancy dedicated to helping socially oriented organisations to adapt, adjust and thrive.  Previously, Bruce has provided Consulting Services over many years to large corporate organisations in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Asia and the UK.  To date, Bruce and the Purpose Driven team has helped charities, community care organisations, disability care providers, aged care providers and like-minded organisations optimise their people, processes and business systems to improve performance and provide better outcomes.  To make a difference.


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