Big ideas in food and dementia research, Bold ideas to get nutrition, ageing and dementia research into the hands of staff and carers and Beautiful food presentation to enhance quality of life in everyday settings

Ngaire Hobbins, Tibor Paller, Peter Morgan-Jones

In keeping with the conference theme of Big, Bold, Beautiful, this passionate team of aged care ‘foodies’ will share with you ways to boost the joy of food for every person living in aged care, and how and why that matters to you as providers. Peter Morgan Jones will look at BIG ideas in food for aged care: he is executive chef at HammondCare, one of Australia’s most respected providers, which invests heavily into research. He has written two groundbreaking cookbooks for people living with dementia, and excitingly, with another focused on palliative care on the way. Ngaire Hobbins will talk BOLD concepts in nutritional support in ageing and aged care. Ngaire is a dietitian specialising in ageing and brain health, the author of three books on nutrition, ageing and dementia and will outline the importance of good nutrition to your residents, and you your organisation. Tibor Paller will talk about ways to make all food, even texture modified, BEAUTIFUL, enriching the life of every resident. Tibor is a chef who has been working and advocating in this area for nearly 20 years and will showcase his extensive knowledge, even providing some surprising foods you will be able to taste for yourselves.

New World Thinking – think big, be bold and look beautiful

Ray Glickman

Principal, From Left Field

Aged care reforms and the changing of the generational guard are creating a ‘New World’ for providers, characterised by consumer direction, user pays and market competition.

The force of this disruptive change is blurring the boundaries between the traditional forms of accommodation, support and care – residential aged care, home care and independent living. New models are emerging to provide greater choice and flexibility for the burgeoning cohort of older people.

Ray Glickman has drawn upon his leadership experience, sector knowledge and consultancy to the aged care and social enterprise sectors to develop his toolkit, ‘New World Thinking’.

Ray’s presentation paints a picture of the ‘New World’, compares and contrasts the key features of the ‘Old World’ with the ‘New World’, explains the ‘vertical’ essence of ‘New World Thinking’ and outlines the culture and principles that will underpin successful ‘New World’ businesses.

Ray Glickman is one of the most popular speakers on aged care issues in Australia and overseas. ‘New World Thinking’ is presented in Ray’s inimitable provocative and humorous style.

In this session, Ray will present his ideas and outline his tools for success followed by an interactive session featuring a guest panel and debate and Q & A with the audience.


Identity & Purpose: Hedgehogs & Foxes

David Martin

General Manager, HammondCare At Home

Given the exciting new opportunities being offered by the big, new open market for Aged Home Care services in Australia, how can piercing clarity about:

  • Identity
  • Purpose
  • Hedgehogs & Foxes
  • Strategic “rulers”

impact upon the choices that providers might make to steer a bold course through the new market? David will share some of the stories from HammondCare’s strategic journey that have shaped the organisation’s thinking, actions and brand recognition.

Big, bold & beautiful-Ride the Waves of Change for Professional and Personal Success

Catherine DeVrye

CDV Management Pty-author & speaker, The University of Montana

Attendees will gain perspective on the need to adopt change as a positive force and shift their thinking to feel more empowered, covering such points as:

  • The 7 most expensive words are: ‘We have always done it that way’
  • We can’t always control circumstances but we can always control our attitude
  • Shift happens-in Mother Nature and human nature
  • Change is inevitable. Learning from change is optional
  • Winners become victors from change-rather than victims of change
  • You can’t take care of your residents if you don’t take care of yourself
  • Focus on the positive to produce professional and personal success

Laugh and learn how to get some hope happening in your life as Catherine shares lessons from an inspirational personal story, which can be applied to our working lives. From early days in an orphanage in Canada-to her parents dying of cancer the year she graduated from university-to arriving in Australia jobless and near penniless-to an international career with IBM in Japan, the former Australian Executive Woman of the Year knows that shift happens and hope happens in our professional and personal lives

She’s been a guest lecturer at Melbourne Business School but believes the best lessons revolve around common sense and a sense of humour.

Incorporating analogies of trekking to Timbuktu and climbing beyond Everest Base Camp, participants are encouraged to push personal limits in everyday life at home-to be Big, Bold & Beautiful; and are reminded of universal truths that have stood the test of time-not to make mountains out of molehills.

No wonder her memoir was titled ‘Who Says I Can’t?’  Yes, you can make a living and make a difference in Aged care!

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