Creating quick, easy and powerful movies for outdoor experience reviews by outdoor educators, for outdoor educators.

Mr David Hills1

1Brisbane Grammar School

Video is the new text and in the last five years, more content was consumed this way as opposed to reading alone (Mcrindle 2015-16). Reviewing is a key process in outdoor learning and watching a video of the experience is one of the most powerful tools to enhance and deepen the connection to the learning outcomes (Greenway 2006). Historically, outdoor experience videos were expensive to film, time consuming to edit and slow to distribute to the participants. This has now all changed as everyone has the means to do this in their pocket and on their desk. This work shop will guide you through the simple steps of media collection, production and distribution from the perspective of a full time outdoor educator and not a media technician. No previous knowledge is necessary and this will be tech-jargon free workshop of small techniques with big impacts. With the resources that you already have and a little knowledge and practice, anyone can produce quick and easy movies to enhance their reviewing sessions, aid the reflective process and help our students share the fantastic experience that we have given them.


Dave is a full-time teacher of Outdoor Education at Brisbane Grammar School and is also researching for a PhD in Education at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Dave qualified in North Wales in the UK before completing his Masters in Education whilst working at the University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland. Dave has taught Outdoor Education in the UAE, Canada, America, New Zealand and Greece but is now settled in Queensland with his family. He sits on the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation’s board as the vice chair and was previously the Chair of the Institute for Outdoor Learning Scotland and the CEO of Queensland Canoeing. He is currently researching the relationship between outdoor education and technology and hope to ensure that the importance of taking people outdoors is still recognised as valuable in 2050.

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