Developing tools to support independent practise of balance, reactive stepping & dual tasking exercises

Miss Meg Lowry1

1Next Step Physio, Brisbane, Australia

A Brisbane community rehab physio set about developing fit-for-purpose tools to maximise the effectiveness and enjoyment of home exercise programs for people of all ages who at risk of falls.

‘Clock Yourself’ is a low-tech exergame that is accessible as either an app or a CD & workbook. It leverages the familiarity of a clockface, visualised on the floor beneath the feet. The app prompts steps to those 12 intuitive co-ordinates. Dual tasking, abstract reasoning, language learning and memory games are embedded into higher levels of the app.

The pace is adjustable and measurable, the cognitive complexity is varied and there are modifications for people who need to hold onto a bench for support.

‘Balance Yourself’ is a guidebook with evidence based fall prevention education and step-by-step balance & dual tasking exercise progressions.

Meg Lowry will present her innovation journey; discussing the evidence that inspired its inception, the contribution of her patients in the development, and the opportunities for research collaboration that have arisen from this initiative.



Meg Lowry BPhty MHSM APAM

Meg is a clinician on a mission to develop tools to empower our clients to shape their course of ageing.

Before establishing her private practice (Next Step Physio – Brisbane) and beginning her innovation journey with Clock Yourself and Balance Yourself, Meg worked as a senior physiotherapist in the hospital outpatient rehab setting.

She is the current chair of the QLD APA gerontology committee.

Meg promotes active engagement and knowledge sharing between health professionals using  Twitter (@MegLowryPT), Linked In and the APA gerontology Facebook page.


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