Don’t mind my pyjamas – Can I borrow your toothbush?

Ms Kate Pollard1, Ms  Michelle Antoine1, Ms Lucy Seiler1, Ms Ashleigh O’Loughlin1, Ms Emma Brady1, Ms Rebecca McGrath1

1Office Of Disability, Top End Remote, Katherine, Australia


How much time do you spend with your colleagues? For us this may be spending 5 days together driving, sleeping, eating and working in close proximity whilst hundreds of kilometres from home with limited phone reception. The Katherine based Office of Disability, Top End Remote team spend a whopping number of days out of every year travelling thousands of kilometres either individually, in pairs or small groups to provide allied health services to some of the most remote communities in Australia and thus some of the most disadvantaged peoples.

Desirable criteria for recruitment includes; a love of carpool karaoke, the ability to pack lightly, a manual car license, knowledge of tyre changing, a prescription for travel calm and an eye for equipment tetris. But most importantly – the ability to spend long periods living in your co-workers’ pocket.

This poster is a pictorial representation of the comradery of the Katherine Top End team. You will get a taste of our remote adventures by road, boat, air and foot while we battle wet season rains and flooding, cyclones, rough-as-guts roads and Territory wildlife in order to deliver allied health services to the furthest outposts of the Katherine region.


The Katherine Top End Remote team provide allied health services to remote communities and the township of Katherine.

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