Evaluating the Co-benefits of Green Space in Tainan

Mr Zih-hong Lin1, Dr Hsueh-Sheng Chang1

1National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan


Climate Change has caused various issues in our society and environment. In order to decrease these impacts, planning abundant urban green space has been seen as one of a significant policy strategy. Urban green spaces provide a variety of social and ecological benefits, from improving mental health to flooding management. In this work, we tried to evaluate the benefits of the green space area in Tainan, for the purpose of identifying the tradeoff of different co-benefits. We utilized Soil & Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) to evaluate the effect of runoff reduction and calculate the accessibility to green space in different scenarios, including centralized and decentralized urban green space planning. Moreover, we compared the reduction effect in different rainfall scenario and control level. Results showed that the effect of runoff reduction is better with decentralized green space planning, that is to say, smaller units are more effective to reduce runoff. Furthermore, the average accessibility to green space of decentralized green space planning is higher than centralized scenario.


I am a master student from the department of urban planning and I am now a member in Sustainable and Spatial Planning Lab. I’m interested in how spatial planning influence urban resilient. My current work is to evaluate the runoff reduction in different green open space configuration. My email address is ‘zihhong811111@gmail.com’.

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