Exploring the Future… Visible Learning in Outdoor Education

Mrs Anne Goodman1

Batchelor Outdoor Education Camp, Batchelor Area School

How can Visible Learning (VL) enrich the experiences of your customers?

Visible learning is a John Hattie research based approach to improving student outcomes in classrooms throughout the world. Originating in New Zealand, his research and philosophies are renowned for the extensive student research with over 3 million students influencing his findings. From the 100 most influential ways students learn to setting learning outcomes and predetermining success criteria through to a positive growth mindset and positive learning traits for assessing success. This is a very powerful tool integrated within Outdoor Education programs.

The student impact is extreme,
Improved personal achievement,
Goal setting linked directly to success criteria for greater impact on practice
Analysis of performance and improved understanding of technique
Collaborative learning, self and peer assessment
Deep reflective opportunities to grow a strong mindset
Target and understand learning traits to improve ownership of training and effort
Empowered self-belief
These are all achievable within Outdoor Education programs with a VL approach.

The upskill to the staff is also significant.
In Hattie’s words: “200 questions are asked every day by teachers, 95% of the time the teacher knows the student will know the answer to the question. Where is the challenge? Where is the stimulation?” Staff reflection and continual improvement is also paramount to student engagement and performance. The Department of Education in the Northern Territory has mandated the Visible Learning Approach and the benefits have been overwhelming. How has it been integrated into the Education’s Department’s own Outdoor Ed Camp? See for yourself.


Anne is a passionate educator in the area of HPE, majoring in Outdoor Education at University and has had a number of articles published in the ACHPER National Active and Healthy Journal. The most recent of which, in April 2017, relating to John Hattie’s Visible Learning approach and the success she had with an NT School Sport Athletics team in the lead up to the Australian Athletics Championships. She has since developed a way to integrate Visible Learning into Outdoor Education from her experience at Batchelor Outdoor Education Camp in the Northern Territory. Anne is also one of only two Physical Education teachers invited by ACARA to work on the Annotation and Moderation of HPE Work Samples in 2016. She is highly respected for her unique and innovative programming.

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