Mr Loo Seng Neo2
1School of Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, , Singapore, 2Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre, Ministry of Home Affairs, , Singapore

This study attempts to map an identified set of factors to two groups of violent extremists who have been influenced by radical propaganda materials online: individuals who have travelled to Syria and Iraq join ISIS, and individuals who did not travelled. The aim is to understand the differences in terms of the motivation of these individuals in joining a foreign conflict using their social media postings. The results can be used to identify and guide the early identification of radicalized individuals, which involved procedures to ascertain


Loo Seng is a PhD Candidate from the School of Social Sciences at Nanyang Technological University. His research interest revolves around the field of psychology of violent extremism, particularly in the topics of online radicalisation, and online threat assessment. He has presented at many international conferences, published many peer-reviewed journals and book chapters, and co-edited several books on the topic of violent extremism. He is also a Principal Behavioural Sciences Research Analyst with the Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre (HTBSC) at the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Singapore.

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