From Rural Generalist to Women’s Health …. An occupational therapists journey towards helping occupational therapists to “Birth Well”.

Mrs Sarah Rheinberger1

1Empowered Space, , Australia


After seven years of working as a generalist in remote western Australian I reluctantly moved to the big smoke where I was faced with the prospect of having to “choose” an area in which to work.

By the time I had 2 baby’s I had found my passion. I wanted to work with women in the perinatal period supporting their empowerment and wellbeing as they navigated pregnancy, birthing and the transition into motherhood.

The perinatal period is a time of immense transition and change; physical and emotional challenges of growing, birthing and feeding a baby and recovering from birth, the disempowerment of our medicalised health system and the identity, role and occupation transitions all of which are normal and don’t account for issues that occur when things don’t go well. I was also surrounded by women who had experienced traumatic birth, postnatal depression and anxiety and fear of birth.

With the support of a growing community of occupational therapists working in women’s health world wide and some additional training, I started an online business. I am providing perinatal clinical consultations and gearing up to launch my first online course called Birth Well, an evidenced based, practical and holistic approach to birthing well for occupational therapists.

My passion for rural health, my profession and belief that women need support, knowledge and nurturing during this time has led me to find my brand of occupational therapy and fill a gap that can impact wellness for women, families and communities.


Sarah supports women in navigating the mind-body challenges, environmental barriers and occupational difficulties that often occur during pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery. Sarah’s innovative services are delivered both in person and online, supporting rural women and occupational therapists in their mothering journey.

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