Geographies of Marginalisation: Modern Day Slavery in Global Tourism Supply Chains

Prof. Joseph M. Cheer1

1Wakayama University, Japan, Wakayam-shi, Japan,

2Monash University, Clayton, Australia


The term geographies of marginalisation is invoked to highlight the under acknowledged and sparsely examined occurrence of modern slavery practices in global travel supply chains. Modern day slavery as distinct from slavery of a bygone era is constituted of a number of parts but most pointedly it involves human exploitation, deprivation of freedom and bondage, among other heinous acts. “That tourism is inherently labour intensive, provides ideal conditions for potential transgressions that leverage human exploitation, especially concerning labour and human rights. This signals to tourism geographers that the association between modern day slavery practices and tourism presents a rich seam for critical tourism geographies research” (Cheer, 2018, p.278). Building on recent scholarship, I explore the links between modern day slavery practices and global tourism. This line of enquiry has become synonymous with the global supply chains including clothing and textiles, agriculture and fisheries and personal services, yet tourism has escaped the same level of scrutiny. Key questions include: (i.) How to frame modern day slavery practices linked to tourism mobilities as a geography of marginalisation (ii.) how to link tourism geographies to the marginalisation agenda and (iii.) how political economy perspectives can be applied to geographies of marginalisation.


Joseph is Professor at the Center for Tourism Research, Wakayama University, Japan He was previously based at Monash University. He is board member, International Geographical Union (IGU) Commission on Tourism and Leisure and Global Change. He published ‘Tourism Resilience and Adaptation to Environmental Change’ and ‘Tourism Resilience and Sustainability: Adapting to Social, Political and Economic Change’ (2018) (Eds. Cheer & Lew) (Routledge). Forthcoming books include Overtourism: Excesses Discontents and Measures in Travel and Tourism (Eds. Milano, Cheer & Novelli) and Modern Day Slavery and Orphanage Tourism (Eds. Cheer, Mathews & Guiney) – both to be published by CABI in 2019.

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