Claire Dawson1, Anne Hills2

1Hunter New England Local Health District, Gloucester Community Health Centre, Church St Gloucester, NSW, 2422,
2Hunter New England Local Health District, Gloucester Community Health Centre, Church St Gloucester, NSW, 2422,


Gloucester NSW is a rural community with LGA population of less than 5000 residents. The aim of the program was to improve chronic disease risk factors of residents by providing client centred goal setting, targeted diet and exercise information and motivation to reduce barriers to accessing health and physical activity services within the local community.


Participants (n=24) were recruited from the Gloucester community for a ten week healthy living and weight loss program. Participants attended an initial individual session where pre-program data was collected and participants were encouraged to set goals and strategies for the challenge period. Participants received weekly emails with information, useful resources and websites, motivational coaching, recipes and success stories from fellow participants. Attendance to a walking group was encouraged and discounted rates obtained from a range of local physical activity providers.


Final results are to be completed end of April 2016. Data presented will include pre-and post-program (i) anthropometrics, (ii) perceived health ratings, (iii) CSIRO healthy diet score, (iv) physical activity levels, (v) engagement with local physical activity providers and (vi) goal attainment scale scores. Additional subjective information / themes from individual informal interviews may also be discussed.


Results from this program will help to assess the effectiveness of health behaviour change programs with limited face to face clinician contact. It is hypothesised that participant’s level of achievements will be related to their readiness and commitment to change, despite having enhanced access to local dietetic and physical activity providers.


Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (2012). For the past 3 1/2 years I have been working as a rural sole practitioner across a range of clinical areas. I have a passion for providing client centred care and motivational interviewing to facilitate change with clients who are at risk of chronic disease.

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