Genevieve Clarke1, Terry Griffin2, Cameron Taylor1, Chris Sounness1

1Birchip Cropping Group, Birchip, Victoria, AUS

2Department of Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, USA



A survey was undertaken across Australia via grower groups specific to cropping systems. The research objective was to capture information regarding farm data collection and use, more specifically looking at the collection and use of yield maps and machinery data. It was found that there is a great interest in digital agriculture technologies with grain growers surveyed across growing regions of Australia. The barriers of connectivity, capability and trust have been identified as areas to overcome to increase adoption and utilisation of digital agriculture technologies and the associated data. With a focus on yield mapping and machinery data, the majority of growers surveyed see potential value in these data but lack the software and capability to extract value. Quantification of Australian growers’ attitudes and barriers to adoption of some digital agriculture technologies was managed through this survey; helping to guide future research and investment.


Genevieve is a research and extension officer at the Birchip cropping group and has been in this role for just over one year. She recently completed an agronomy focused graduate program with Agriculture Victoria after graduating from the University of Sydney. Day to day her work involves taking part in research across areas that affect grain growers in the southern cropping region of Australia.

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