Growth through mutual, digital business and e-commerce — Grow your supply & demand with a care chain network, made easy by Care Person

Mr Joe Towns1, Dr Tony Wright2

1, Care Consultancy, Sandy Bay, TAS

2, Optilyze, Sandy Bay, TAS


Innovation today is non-negotiable; no business can stay the same and expect to stay safe.

“Digital disruption is coming; delaying action isn’t an option.” (

What is your strategy to survive? Where will you be in 3, 5, 10 years’ time?

“Incumbents can become the digital innovators.” caused agencies to flourish, despite forces threatening to bypass ‘middle man’ agents.

Flight agencies & booking platforms reduced direct customer interaction but actually increased sales to airlines.

E-commerce between providers can enable established brands to collectively outpace the digital disruption.

You need your individual staff at the centre of your sales strategy!

You also need a digital business model for meeting demand with supply, cutting out inefficiencies, enabling you to accelerate and compete on price and quality.

Care Person is a business-to-business platform, enabling you to collaborate with the network of providers you want to work with, and enabling you to meet a growing demand for your brand, coordinating the care personnel of any service provider within your network, under your banner.

1. For providers – not independent individuals! – Enabling 2-way brokerage of your services

2. For the public – not another directory! – Enabling real-time booking of your care personnel.


Joe Towns (BSci, DipEd, MD Care Consultancy)

Managing Director and Proprietor of Care Assessment Consultants Pty Ltd, Joe Towns is local leader known for his innovation and success in the care sector across Australia through Care Assess, Care Forward and Care Consultancy.

Since 2002, he has demonstrated broad skills acquired in sectors including education and community, science and industry, health and human services, private business and aged care.

Since 2010 he has taken Care Assessment Consultants through a considerable stage of growth, from a turnover of less than $3M to now more than $9M – tripling its size in 6 years.

As co-founder of Care Person, he is now leveraging all of his experience to build and launch Care Person, a provider-to-provider business platform for the big and bold collaborators in the care sector.

Dr Tony Wright (BSc, PhD, Optilyze Founder)

Tony Wright is a software developer who has successfully built Optilyze, a tech business that specialises in optimization systems using complex business logic, integrated with workflow visualization systems using integrated geo-spatial tools.

Tony knows how to simplify the complex. He has built roster, route-scheduling, and personnel management apps to offer out-of-the-box solutions and custom apps for businesses of significant size, for both desktop and mobile devices.

Having succeeded in his first start up through strong tech building ability, as co-founder of Care Person Tony is now focusing on delivering a online platform for the care sector that puts the care person at the centre of the solution.

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