How collaboration has become our hero

Nandine Ozols1

1May Shaw Health Centre Inc

Outline of presentation:
There are two key definitions of collaboration one being ‘to work together to achieve something’ and the other referring to ‘collaborating with the enemy’. At times to provide harmonious and secure care both aspects are needed in Aged Care to ensure the needs of residents and the community are paramount. May Shaw Health Centre Inc. has embraced collaboration in every sense to strive for a secure future for Aged Care on the East Coast and the North East of Tasmania.

Seeking to strengthen the organisation May Shaw Health Centre Inc. embarked on an innovative resource sharing partnership in 2012 with Aged Care Deloraine. The priority for this partnership was to ensure both organisations could remain independent organisations.  With this priority realised the opportunity for both organisation to diversify has emerged.

In 2015 May Shaw was approached to assist another rural community facing a familiar future of uncertainty. May Shaw commenced working with the Dorset Council, North East Community, Presbyterian Care and the Tasmanian Health Organisation North to secure a future for Aged Care in the North East.  This story is still very new with a second chapter recently commenced however the future looks bright thanks to collaboration.

Why the presentation/topic will be of interest to conference participants:
The world of Aged Care is ever evolving and change has become normality across the spectrum for the entire sector. However implementing and managing change can consume many resources. The idea of the second definition ‘collaborating with the enemy’ seems daunting, but in terms of change can help to ease the burden and save reinventing the wheel.

With many organisations key area of concern being from a financial perspective particularly when announcements to changes in funding and models seem to be occurring more often, the need to grow and diversify becomes a steady path to follow to stay viable. May Shaw is a small organisation with minimal resources but has managed to walk this path successfully and is happy to share their story.

Nadine Ozols recently commenced in a new role as Public Relationships and Development Manager for May Shaw Health Centre Inc and works across Swansea, Scottsdale and Aged Care Deloraine. Prior to this she was the Facility Manager at May Shaw – Aminya from Dec 2015 and until Feb 2017. Nadine has worked for May Shaw for the past 9 years working across the spectrum in Primary Health and Aged Care. Nadine is passionate about the Aged Care and Health industry and working with rural communities.

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