John Easterbrooke and Partners, Shaftesbury, Dorset, United Kingdom



This paper is a review of on-farm diversification projects as practised by family farms in the South West of England and covers just a few of the options that are being used to reduce risk and ensure the workable profits that are needed for a family to remain


I am a farm advisor in a small consultancy practice in the South West of England. I have over 40 yeas experience as an independent professional farm advisor with specialist knowledge of finance, dairying , the arable sector and the environment and over the last 25 years have guided all my clients so that their businesses are secure in to the future . Increasingly this has led to the inclusion of a diversification project and almost all my farms now have some income to help to risk proof their enterprises. I am fully conversant with all the associated recording procedures and I assist with paperwork as required.I am a Fellow of the British Institute of Agricultural Consultants and have been a Past Chairman of the Institute. I am a member of numerous rural and agricultural societies .

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