Innovation v Viability – CDC’s can work!

Gabriele Taylor, Feros Care




The new Home Care Package Guidelines and the quest to realise a change to consumer directed care is an exciting opportunity for aged care providers to transform their traditional models of community care delivery into a consumer focussed, innovative and flexible service solution.

And indeed there has been much doom and gloom about these changes,  but implemented in a well-planned and considered approach it provides both providers and consumers a welcome platform to create innovative, targeted, flexible and affordable packages of client driven care and support.

As our industry grapples with the enormity of the significant challenges ahead driven by global ageing, reducing workforce, fluctuating financial landscapes, resource fragility, the rise in technology, and fragmented families it is said that the resilient survivors will be the agile organisations that embrace the change rather than run from it.

While it is crucial that consumers are firmly placed in the driver’s seat from the outset it is equally critical to ensure Care (Case) Managers are empowered to adopt new thinking and easily enable change in their practise to ensure innovative solutions are fundamental in the consumer directed service model.

During the presentation the key ‘hurt points’ will be explored and demystified with successful remedial actions and positive interventions shared which combat the negative dialogue.  It will detail the strategies and approaches Feros Care has considered and developed to address a range of factors that impact on the implementation including:

  • User friendly consumer tools and templates – guides to goal setting, individual budgets, and self determination
  • Strategies to incorporating re-ablement and restorative care
  • Embedding allied health through front loaded interventions
  • Empowering Case Management tools including HCP budget reckoners

Creating a relevant and modern aged care system is dependent on what WE do today and WE respond to this brave new world …. Carpe-diem!

Educational Goals

Participants will be stimulated and inspired to embrace the opportunities and adopt positive thinking approaches to develop a contemporary modern industry relevant for the 21st century marketplace.

This power point presentation will step through the key aspects of Feros Care’s CDC journey:

  • overview of the research undertaken,
  • clear understanding of the known drivers for change,
  • explore the common challenges and unexpected barriers,
  • discuss mitigating interventions and lessons learned,
  • review essential tools for successful project management, planning, implementation, and
  • analyse operational key performance indicators and consumer outcomes.

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