International Opportunities for our students, teachers and schools

Panel Chair: Gina Ferraro, Manager, International Services

Panel members: Jodie Buddle1, Son Dinh2, Yu-min Sun3

1Mooloolaba State School – Participant 2018 Osaka Guest Teacher Program, 2Centenary State High School – Chaperone for 2017 Jiangsu Student Study Tour, 3Cleveland District State High School – Chaperone for 2016 Jiangsu Student Study Tour and participant for 2017 Hubei Guest Teacher program.

“I went a tired worn out teacher with not a lot of passion left to give. I have come

home with a support network and a renewed passion. I feel like a new teacher”. (Participant in the 2017-18 Osaka Guest Teacher Program)

Many students, teachers and schools are unaware of wide range of international study tours and professional development opportunities for our students, teachers and schools offered by the International Services, Department of Education International. These opportunities enable students to explore new cultures, experience new learning settings, advance language skills, and develop qualities to become active global citizens. For teachers and education leaders it provides opportunities to enhance their culture awareness and language proficiency, to make a positive difference to the quality of learning and teaching in Queensland schools.

Hear directly from teachers and students who have travelled on our mostly fully-funded programs of the impact and benefits for themselves and their schools and find out what is available.

On our final day, many of us burst into tears when we were to say farewell to our buddies. Holding experiences within our hearts that could never be washed away by the waves of time, the people, the culture and the things we had witnessed. To be given an opportunity like this is something I once thought to be unachievable, but the fact others have the potential to share this opportunity really shines a light when it comes to expanding cultural relations. (Student participant in 2017 STEM Japan study tour).


The Department of Education offers education leaders, teachers international immersion experiences through professional development programs and/or as a student chaperone. These opportunities enable education leaders and teachers to enhance their cultural understandings and skills to communicate across cultures and to make appositive difference to developing globally competent students in Queensland state school.

Students are offered a range of international exchange programs, study programs, scholarships and prizes. These international opportunities enable students to explore new cultures, experience new learnings, strengthen language/STEM skills, and develop qualities to become active global citizens.

Jodie Buddle is a Japanese teacher at Mooloolaba and Buddina State Schools. Teaching Japanese to grade 4-6 students for 22 years has been rewarding and at times frustrating.  Spending time in Osaka on the Cultural Immersion program has  reignited her passion for Japan and the culture.  This year her focus is lifting the profile of her subject.  Her lunch time groups are flourishing with over 100 students accessing Japanese out of lesson time.

Education has always been my passion since I was in kindergarten. I was born in Taiwan and immigrated to Australia when I was thirteen. The exposure of the two different educational systems helped me realise the strong impact the environment has on a learner and their perspectives on the world.

I received my Bachelor of Education degree with Queensland University of Technology and started teaching in 2011. My majors are Science and Languages – Japanese and Mandarin. After teaching for 3 years, I decided to study for a Master’s in Education. I received my Masters with the University of Melbourne in 2014. I then started teaching Mandarin in Cleveland District SHS from 2015.

I was selected as a chaperone by DET International in 2016 for Jiangsu Study Tour taking 10 students to China. In 2017, I also took part in the Hubei University Guest Teacher Program which extended my skills in teaching Mandarin. This trip also confirmed my determination to continue promoting the importance of learning a foreign language within my community. With the support of our School Executive Principal – Mr Bancroft, the students studying Chinese in my school has increased by 59% in the last 4 years.

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