Is Your Mindset Undermining Innovation?

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Does the mindset of your people and organization encourage innovation?   Key research suggests there are two mindsets that influence how you approach learning, development and challenges. And we each have a combination of both.   When you are in a fixed mindset you believe that talents and abilities are fixed traits, and there’s not a lot you can do to change that.  Having a fixed mindset means you are overly-focused on the outcomes, more likely to avoid failure, and fear other’s judgements and criticisms.    However, when you are in more of a growth mindset you believe talents and abilities can be developed through hard work, learning from experiences, drawing on resources and mentoring from others.  While outcomes still matter you aren’t afraid of challenges and trying new things, and learning from mistakes.  Innovation has been found to emerge more readily from organisations with a more growth mindset that supports and encourages reasonable risk taking, and learning and growth from mistakes.

Participants will learn how an authentic growth mindset culture can unleash innovation, development and true potential across their organization, and will gain insight into their own mindset triggers.

Debbie is passionate and committed to facilitating positive change in the lives of people, organisations and the community.  She was an inaugural graduate from University of Melbourne’s Masters of Positive Psychology program. She has been privileged to work in Human and Community Services for nearly three decades, across non-government organisations, the tertiary sector, and all levels of government.  This included Senior Adviser to the Tasmanian Human Services Minister during the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  She gives her time as a board member to non-profit organisations. She is director and Positive change facilitator with her company 2Appreciate Consulting.

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