Learning Reablement in a Virtual World

Dr Tanya Petrovich1, Ms Kelly Burns1

1Alzheimer’s Australia Vic

Alzheimer’s Australia Vic is changing the way we teach dementia support through the use of virtual reality (VR). VR technology is an emerging approach to dementia education enabling participants to learn and be immersed in a virtual world.

 EDIE- Educational Dementia Immersive Experience allows the participant to step into the lives of Edie and his partner who are living with a diagnosis of dementia, exploring first-hand the difficulties they face.The program is underpinned by an enablement philosophy with a focus on optimising wellbeing, minimising the risk of excess disability and supporting greater independence. By adopting a reablement approach, EDIE focuses positively on what people can do given appropriate support, and on the possibilities for living well with dementia.

This presentation will explore the concept of Reablement as a client driven support approach for people living with dementia and how it fits within an active service model. We will also show how we apply reablement through the use of a virtual world.

The VR technology coupled with input from expert facilitators, aims to inspire practice change that will ultimately leave people with dementia feeling more engaged, supported and empowered.


Kelly never imagined as a Clinical Nurse Consultant that her experience would lead to the development of serious VR game applications. In her role as Course Developer for Alzheimer’s Australia Vic Kelly is doing just that. Kelly is an experienced educator with a strong interest in the use of technology to create interactive, engaging and accessible learning.  Kelly is excited about developing evidence based, innovative approaches to learning that drive a change in dementia practice.


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