SR Davis1, J Hulcombe, D Bianchini, R Moore


For a new organisation like GNARTN which is by virtue of its structure and funding a radical departure from the way government agencies collaborated, many said for GNARTN to “take on” Allied Health Rural and Remote Generalist was in the words of Humphry from “yes minister” a “Brave Decision”. GNARTN was established as a cross-jurisdictional network, established in 2013 to address a range of clinical workforce and clinical placement, education and training issues, via an agreement reached between Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland Health Departments through funding provided by the Commonwealth Department of Health Australia. A key objective of GNARTN was to drive innovative pragmatic and sustainable models to address workforce mal-distribution and improve patient outcomes.

This is the story, of GNARTN,as a new entity, and what role the organisation has played in supporting the development of the AHRRG constructs, and the emerging narrative around what this means for the future of the regional, rural and remote allied health workforce in the future.


Dr Scott Davis (PhD, MIPH) is the Executive Director of the Greater Northern Australia Regional Training Network (GNARTN). Over the past 20 years, Scott has held a range of senior executive leadership and practice roles within the health sector internationally and within Australia.

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