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Mr Totti Karpela1
1Peace Of Mind Ltd., Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Many global corporations are strongly present around Asia. However, global policies might be difficult to implement in Asian culture, due to regional differences and different workplace culture. The presentation covers a cross-section of the challenges and solutions to conducting threat assessment and management throughout Asia. We will also look at the status of threat assessment and management in 30+ Asian countries

as well as some of the latest incidents of targeted violence. What about the status of mental health problems in and around Asia? How to work with local law enforcement? What about stalking laws, restraining orders and the courts? Problems with regional country managers and global workplace violence policies. Issues related to Asian collective culture vs. Western individualism. Solving problems by stepping outside of the box


Mr. Karpela, a graduate of Finland’s Police University College, has a 20-year career in the National Police of Finland where he worked as a unit supervisor and subject matter expert. During his career, Mr. Karpela was part of a team that specialized in managing threats that were directed towards law enforcement and judicial officials. He also spent nine years as a member of the hostage negotiator team in the National SWAT team. For the majority of his career, Mr. Karpela also worked at the National Police University, teaching management of aggressive behavior and conflict resolution skills.

In his current role in the private sector, Mr. Karpela has worked with presidential candidates, celebrities, media companies, banks and insurance companies, aviation industry, educational facilities as well as multi-national corporations specializing in threat assessment and case management. He provides behavioral and security consultation in numerous global corporations on a weekly basis.

Mr. Karpela has worked as a subject matter expert since 1986, consulting and coaching government organizations and corporations on five continents in the prevention of violent crime, security issues, conflict resolution, and risk mitigation. Mr. Karpela is the only person outside of the United States to hold a CTM-accreditation, professional accreditation for security professionals related to the assessment and management of violent behavior. Mr. Karpela is also accredited to provide consultation and training related to the European equivalent, CETAP. He holds numerous professional certifications related to violence risk assessment. Mr. Karpela’s vast experience with threat management is clearly demonstrated in cases where analysis is put into practice, how multi-disciplinary teams of professionals are coached and how to manage low to median and high-risk cases related to violent behavior.

Mr. Karpela is a graduate of U.S. Secret Service Threat Management Program, Gavin De Becker threat management academy and he has done numerous other professional training programs with the FBI Behavior Analysis Unit.

Other relevant NGO responsibilities: Subject matter expert for the European Council and O.S.C.E. in crime prevention projects. Totti is also a member of the Merrick & Company’s Global Biosafety & Biosecurity Consulting Advisory Board since 2017. President for the Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals (AETAP). He is also a senior research fellow at the Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals – Centre for Security Studies.

Mr. Karpela has done numerous security audits specifically related to the prevention of violence in educational facilities, health care service providers and manufacturing and production facilities. The audits have covered regions in Europe, South- and Central America as well as the Middle East and Africa.

Mr. Karpela has also authored three books on police operations with organized crime, personal security and case management guide for stalking cases. He has also authored a chapter on the use of social psychology in counter-terrorism operations as well as management guide on persistent and vexatious complainants.

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