Jesper S. Schou1 and Jakob Vesterlund Olsen1

1Department of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen

Coresponding author:,



The paper presents preliminary results form a real-life project in which five economic services are pursued through multifunctional land consolidation processes: Farm economics; Biodiversity; Clean water; Recreational opportunities; and Development of rural communities. The analysis is based on the first results from three Danish case studies where land consolidation is used to facilitate multifunctional land consolidation. We find that the multifunctional goals are generally aligned with agricultural economics goals and the optimal consolidation of land plots are not fundamentally differing between economic services with different goals. The fundamental benefit from this approach is local ownership to process and results due to the collective policy formulation. One more specific lesson learned is though, that access to recreational activities such as hunting and horseback riding, which is tied to the ownership of land, may indeed represent significant value to the landowner and this can highly influence the scale and scope of the consolidation.


The primary research fields for Jakob Vesterlund Olsen are productivity analyses and policy evaluation of initiatives targeted farm level. Recent research activities has evolved around the financial effect of land fragmentation and land prices. Jakob has previously been employed by Danish Knowledge Centre for Agriculture which is now known as SEGES. His educational background covers education and practice as farmer with focus on pig and crop production followed by an education in agricultural economics and finally a PhD in agricultural economics.

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