Nutrition interventions for renal dialysis patients

Ms Robyn Montgomery1

1Dhhs, Hobart, Australia

In November 2016  an audit of 56 haemodialysis dependent patients was undertaken.

  • 40% of the group were classified as malnourished
  • 64% of these malnourished patients are male,
  • 32% have diabetes
  • 11% were underweight and 50% overweight
  • 86% were public patients and 14% private patients. This audit will allow for more targeted intervention.

In 2014 the Diabetes and Nutrition departments began the process of developing a protocol for the management of hypoglycaemia. Previous to this protocol, the RHH has followed a guideline which had led to a number of dialysis patients requiring extra dialysis. The  dialysis was required to remove excess fluid or manage hyperkalaemia as a result of this ward treatment.  The new protocol now protects dialysis patients from these adverse outcomes.


Robyn is a dietitian who has specialised in renal nutrition for the last 20yrs. Robyn’s interest in renal nutrition began in north Queensland where she was able to home visit people who were independently dialysing in remote indigenous communities. She has been in Hobart since 2011 as the renal dietitan.
Robyn is developing a special interest in management of people with type 1 diabetes and who are dialysis dependent.

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