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1 President & CEO, Backswath Management Inc


The theme of the IFMA 2019 Congress is Growing Agriculture at 41 Degrees South. Sessions and presentations are focused on addressing global issues and opportunities, such as demand for food, capacity to increase supply to meet the demand, future issues and roles of government. Then a drill down into the implications to new technologies, farm management, people and branding.

What does this mean to Tasmanian agriculture? The Tasmanian State Government has quantified the vision – a ten-fold increase in the annual farm gate value of agriculture by 2050. A review of the Tasmanian Agri-Food Scorecards in 2005/2006 and then again in 2015/2016 reveals an increase in the farm gate value of $0.94 billion. Extrapolating that rate of real growth to 2050 results in a farm gate value of $5.94 billion. This translates to a 379% increase; well short of the goal but a significant increase nonetheless. However, the vision is NOT about significant increases. It’s about momentous growth.

Wilferd A. Peterson wrote “Big thinking precedes great achievement.” Christian Whamond abridged the statement with “Great vision precedes great achievement”. A vision of greatness for Tasmanian agriculture has been declared. What’s needed is an overarching strategy of a complementary magnitude. A strategy that produces the results needed to achieve the vision.

There is something extremely powerful about a population that rallies to a cause … to a vision in this case … and works collectively and collaboratively toward a defined goal.

There are two parts to the session on Producing a Strategy that Achieves Results.

First is a presentation that will outline a framework from which to proceed with developing the strategy. Terry will describe key principles in developing a long-term, industry-based strategic plan that is owned by all stakeholders and is actively pursued by them; supported by strong leadership and a dynamic strategy.  He will also provide observations on international examples of such strategies and learnings generated from them.

Second is a roundtable workshop where Congress participants will take what they have observed and learned from the presentations and papers delivered throughout the week, and provide summaries of inputs and insights that will be used in formulating the strategy.


Terry is President and CEO of Backswath Management Inc., originating in 1992 and a company that provides business management expertise to farmers on strategic business planning, succession planning, financial analysis, benchmarking and human resource management.

Terry was actively involved in a family grain farm for nearly 20 years. The farm is now entering its third generation.

Terry has delivered presentations on farm business management to agriculture organizations throughout Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Chile, New Zealand, Poland and the Netherlands. He teaches at the University of Manitoba and serves on national and provincial committees.  Terry is a professional agrologist, a certified agricultural consultant and a certified management consultant. He has completed the executive program for agricultural producers at Texas A&M University. He is the 2015 recipient of Farm Management Canada’s Wilson Loree award, recognizing his contribution to developing and promoting new and positive change in agricultural business management practices and expertise in Canada. His credentials include certification in mediation theory and strategic planning, and a science degree in agriculture from the University of Manitoba.


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