Ms Lyn(da) Goldsworthy1

1Imas, Utas, Batehaven, Australia

Article II of the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) defines the CCAMLR’s objective as ‘the conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources’.  Rational use is permitted if it satisfies the principles of conservation as listed in Article II (3), including maintenance of ecosystems and ecological relationships and precaution.    In recent years, there has been a range of views expressed within CCAMLR about the original intent of the Objective, the need for a ‘balance’ between conservation and rational use, and the treatment of CCAMLR as essentially a Regional Fisheries Management Organisation.   This paper assesses decisions made by CCAMLR, in delivering its Objective to provide insights on the relative prioritisation currently given by Members to fisheries management measures versus conservation measures that extend beyond fisheries management.


Lyn has been actively engaged in Antarctic conservation policy, global fisheries management and area protection for more than  35 years. She has served on the Australian Antarctic Science Advisory Committee (ASAC) and has attended many meetings of the Antarctic Treaty and CCAMLR. Lyn has authored several papers relating to  Antarctic conservation and high seas fisheries management. She received the Order of Australia for services to conservation and environment in 1991 and the New Zealand Antarctic Conservation Trophy in 1990.  She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at IMAS, UTAS

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