Sustainable Volunteering – Planning and Supporting Our Volunteer Workforce

Adrienne Picone, Courtney Webber



When we consider preparing and supporting workforces, our first thought turns to paid employees. However for Tasmania, a sustainable workforce needs to give consideration to sustainable volunteering: how to ensure that you attract the ‘right’ volunteers for your organisation, adapt to Tasmania’s demographic challenges.

Tasmania’s population is ageing faster than any other Australian state or territory. This presents challenges for any workforce- including the volunteer community. As our population age’s, all our regions in Tasmania will be affected. However we know that volunteering attitudes can also shift and change.

Volunteering will be a key part of service delivery for an ageing population. This presents both an opportunity and a risk for organisations. In this environment, volunteer management is key. We will focus our presentation on:

  • Engaging volunteers in an Ageing Population
  • Stereotyping volunteers
  • Recruitment and retention of volunteers
  • Flexible volunteer roles
  • Resourcing volunteer programs

This presentation will help organisations think about how Tasmania’s ageing population will impact volunteering and how organisations can adapt to these challenges. This presentation will help understand the market, the opportunities and the challenges. All of this hinges on good volunteer management and coordination; adjustment to change and flexibility.

Why the Topic will be of interest:  Tasmania is facing a time of transition in society. Whilst the ageing population is well understood in many respects we still face many unknown elements – particularly in managing, recruiting and creating a sustainable volunteering.  This topic will help organisations and individuals understand our ageing population and how we can ‘future proof’ our volunteer workforce.

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