Liz Moore1, Magistrate Glenn Hay2

1 Court Mandated Diversion, P O Box 4660, Bathurst Street PO, Hobart, Tasmania, 7001. 

2 Hobart Magistrates’ Court, 23-25 Liverpool Street, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000.

This presentation will provide an update on the journey of the therapeutic jurisdictions in Tasmania, including Court Mandated Diversion (the Drug Court), the Mental Health Diversion List and the Youth Court.  Exciting new developments in relation to extending CMD to the Supreme Court and enabling alcohol related offences to be included in Drug Treatment Orders will be discussed, including implications for the possible development of a Drink Driving Court.  Implications for theory and practice will be raised, along with critical reflection on how the Tasmanian courts have addressed the particular challenges of implementing TJ.  The presentation will include photographs of the various therapeutic courts in action.


Liz Moore
Liz (MA, LLB) has case managed within Corrective Services for 26 years, in Risdon Prison, Community Corrections and CMD (the Drug Court). She completed a Master of Criminology and Corrections in 2012, focussing on the impact of drug courts around the world and demonstrating their effectiveness in reducing offending and achieving cost savings. Liz has visited drug courts and related programs in 20 jurisdictions around the world, has published in this field, and her work has achieved state and national practice awards. Liz is committed to the practical application of research to improve the effectiveness of programs and to reform the criminal justice system generally. She was responsible for coordinating government and NGOs to establish the original Visitors Centre at Risdon Prison after working in family visiting projects in UK prisons, and is now directing her energy towards developing the therapeutic jurisdiction in Tasmania.

Glenn Hay
Glenn (LLB) has had a long and diverse legal career since he was admitted to the Bar in 1976. He spent 23 years in private practice, specialising in the separate representation of children in Family Law. His numerous legal appointments have included SES Registrar of the Family Court of Australia, member of the Tasmanian Sex Discrimination Tribunal, member and Chair of the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal and Director of the Centre for Legal Studies. He has been a Magistrate for ten years and conducts specialist lists to oversee the Court Mandated Drug Diversion Program, the Forensic Mental Health List and a Family Violence list. He enjoys sailing and rowing and ensures the viability of several Australian airlines with numerous visits to Sydney each year to enjoy spending time with his children and grandchildren.

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