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The train is about to leave the station, I’m not sure where it’s going yet, but I know you need to be on it!

It’s 2019 and one of the world’s least digitised industries, Agriculture, is increasingly finding itself and the centre of many boardroom discussions across the globe – but why?

Population pressure, tight margins, plateauing yields and the ever-present climatic uncertainty are creating strong demand for new solutions and with decreasing technology costs and the proliferation of connected devices, hundreds of companies are on an aggressive path to disrupt Agriculture and drive a global AgTech boom.

Sensors communicating through farm networks, data analytics companies applying latest machine learning techniques and on farm robotics & automation is just some of the technology underpinning the new farm ecosystem.   So let’s explore the emerging landscape and the potential impact it will have on your farming operation.


Key Words

AgTech, Connectivity, Automation, Robotics, Sensors, Disruption, Analytics.

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