Time Target

Linda Paynter, Queen Victoria Home



Queen Victoria Home moved to an online Rostering system in 2014.

The current system had a huge impact on allocation of staff to shifts and the processing of payroll.

This was a key factor in sourcing out a product that could improve all systems processes.  The implementation of Time Target was a huge challenge on many perspectives:

  • Culture
  • Staff experience and qualifications
  • Age demographics
  • Service of Years

Whilst there were many challenges the Time Target system was a success.  The system is a valuable tool for:

  • Managers and budgeting purposes
  • Communication
  • Payroll processing
  • Staff able to access online at home for applying for leave and also accessing shifts
  • Rostering and offering to all staff shifts

Why topic will be of interest to Conference participants:

  • Simple system
  • Communication tool
  • Systematic process
  • Management accountability
  • Easy access for staff from home and work
  • Simple process for all levels of staff to use

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