Triad supervision: Three heads are better than one!

Mrs Skye Waddingham1

1DHHS Launceston General Hospital, Launceston, Australia

Triad Supervision, a structured peer supervision approach currently used by the Occupational Therapy department at Launceston General Hospital, will be presented with particular focus on the roles of each participant.


Professional supervision is a requirement for all Allied Health Professionals in THS-North. 1:1 supervisory relationships exist for most members of the Occupational Therapy (OT) department at Launceston General Hospital. However, some experienced senior occupational therapists did not have access to regular, robust supervision in the current departmental structure. Structured peer supervision using a Triad approach is now implemented in the OT department to meet this need.


Three clinicians enter a peer supervision arrangement and assume one of three roles; Presenter, Listener or Observer. These roles are rotated through successive triad supervision sessions. Through the use of enabling questions by the Listener, the Presenter develops new insights into their issue/concern and takes steps towards issue resolution. The Observer conveys their observations of each of the participants through this process.


The Triad approach fosters benefits to all 3 participants in professional support and clinical supervision, including the giving and receiving of feedback, facilitating solutions and progressing towards resolution of the Presenter’s issue/concern .

Acknowledgements to Sydney Children’s Hospital Occupational Therapy department from whom this approach was adapted from.


Skye Waddingham is an Occupational therapist who returned to Tasmania in February 2016; quite a few years since her OT career began in the North West coast!  In her current role as a Clinical Lead at Launceston General Hospital, Skye engages in supervision with her Occupational therapy colleagues in a variety of forums including peer supervision. Skye is excited to have introduced a Triad approach to supervision to her LGH OT colleagues; an approach also trialed and valued in her former workplace of Sydney Children’s Hospital.

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