Unravelling rhizosphere microbiome building up SOC

Dr Yu Luo1

1Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

Central to understanding the role of plants in climate-relevant carbon (C) transformations, lie unexplored biological dynamics operating at the root interface. Few studies have explored the core functional microbiota and their role in regulating photosynthetic C stabilization in soil. Here, 13CO2 were applied to investigate belowground soil allocation of photosynthetic C into ryegrass soils at two growth stages (16 and 30 days after emergence). Changes in ryegrass root biomass, soil pH and dissolved organic C in biochar amended soils were found to be the most significant factors affecting the bacterial community in the rhizosphere, which further affect C dynamics. By using bidirectional orthogonal partial least squares (O2PLS) analysis, seventeen bacterial genera were correlated to 13C allocation in soil. Bacillus was the core genus involved and had a positive correlation with 13C allocation in soil, especially in the large aggregates. In addition to living microbiome, we tested the contribution and pathway of dead biomass (necromass) to SOC. 13C in microbial necromass were preferentially recovered in fungi, and consequently led to the biggest contribution to the soil organic C formation in the mineral-associated fraction. Our study provides insight into: 1) the significant pathway of rhizodeposition to build up soil organic C via fungal necromass, and 2) the dynamics of rhizosphere microbial communities that regulate the fate of photosynthesized C, which might help manipulate these processes by inoculating identified core microbiota.

Biography: Yu Luo is currently working in the College of Environmental & Resource Sciences, Zhejiang University. His research area covers mainly on Isotope Ecology, Microbial Community, Soil Organic Matter turnover, with leading 3 projects from National Science Foundation of China and some other international coorperation fundings with Germany, UK, Italy and Australia. He is now interested with SOM turnover by using isotopic technique, like 14C and 13C, and involved rhizosphere microbiota (adopting metagenomics and DNA/PLFA-SIP). In the past 5 years he has produced several publications from the top soil journals including SBB (10), EJSS and BFS. Also, he is the Associate Editor of Biogeosciences, and European Journal of Soil Sciences.

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