Gregory Ibendahl

Kansas State University, Wamego, Kansas, United States



Agricultural loan delinquency rates cannot be fully explained just from an examination of farm profitability. During a period from 2009 through 2010 the agricultural loan delinquency rate nearly doubled in the United States, while at the same time farmer profitability was also increasing. Part of this increase can be explained by examining the relationship between the financial ratios ROA and ROE. Whenever, ROA is greater than ROE, farmers are earning a rate of return on all their assets that is lower than their cost of borrowing. We find that the percentage of farms with this adverse relationship of ROA greater than ROE increased prior to the delinquency rate increasing and thus could explain why delinquency rates increased from 2009 through 2010. Because the increase in the percentage of farms with ROA greater than ROE happened several years before it was reflected in the agricultural loan deficiency rate, banks could use this relationship between ROA and ROE as a predictor of when a farm might have a delinquent agricultural loan.


Dr Ibendahl is an Associate Professor in Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University. Dr. Ibendahl grew up on a grain and beef farm in Illinois and worked for a major agricultural seed company before returning to school to earn his PhD. Dr. Ibendahl holds an Extension position at K-State and works in the areas of farm management and agricultural finance

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