Utilising health data to fill service responsiveness knowledge gaps for people with traumatic injury: Presenting Epidoros-V2, a spatial data repository

Dr Ali Lakhani1, Professor Elizabeth Kendall1

1The Hopkins Centre, Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Griffith University, Meadowbrook, Australia


Experiencing a traumatic injury is associated with adverse health and quality of life outcomes which are difficult to address. The use of hospital health services are essential to promote favourable health and wellbeing outcomes for people who have experienced a traumatic injury. In Queensland, the capacity of such services, and demand for use of these services in relation to people who have experienced a traumatic injury are largely unknown. While relevant, spatial methods are seldom employed to fill these knowledge gaps. As a response, Epidoros-V2 is a spatial data repository that will engage GIS and non-GIS users (clinicians, researchers, people who have experienced injury and non-government organisations) and support their ability to address inquiries surrounding service usage, demand, gaps, and needs. The data matrix underpinning Epidoros-V2 is presented. The matrix consists of data aligned with the domains Descriptive Health, Service Responsiveness, Service Quality, and Health Outcomes across the systems Emergency and Critical Care, Acute Treatment, Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation, and Community and Disability Support Services. A series of thematic maps are presented illustrating how capacity and demand questions will be addressed via Epidoros-V2. In this regard, service gaps are clarified and further priority inquiries that will be addressed are presented.


Dr Ali Lakhani (BBA, MA, MES, PhD) is a Research Fellow with The Hopkins Centre, Menzies Health Institute Queensland. He has over 7 years’ experience working within community-based research projects that have partnered with health and social service organisations. His Program of Research utilises innovative methods and technologies to investigate features contributing to enabling environments for people with injury and/or disability. In particular, his Program considers how the accessibility of health and community services impact the health and rehabilitation outcomes of people with injury. Ali’s email address is: a.lakhani@griffith.edu.au

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