Marotti, S1, Ward, M2, Rowett, D2.

1 SA Pharmacy, SA Health, 2 University of South Australia


Each year between 120 and 150 UniSA fourth year pharmacy students participate in an SA Pharmacy Experiential Learning experience as part of their undergraduate program. Since 2018 we have designed research projects to complement their experiential learning, which has enabled generation of evidence to support quality practice, and clinician research skills development.

In 2018 we undertook our first statewide student project evaluating the provision of opioids on discharge to opioid naïve patients. This retrospective multi-centre study was undertaken across all rural and metropolitan sites. Having learnt a lot about the limitations of involving a large cohort of students to collect data with varying degrees of engagement from pharmacist preceptors we proceeded to repeat the study in 2019. With the use of behaviour change techniques such as Educational Visiting, utilising site leads as well as articulation of a clear research question, we developed a program to encourage preceptor engagement and learning through participation in the 2019 opioid project.

An expression of interest for development of our 2020 student experiential learning project resulted in the development of a mixed methods research project evaluating patient engagement in decision making to commence new medicines. This project will allow all students and their preceptors to participate in a research project utilising randomisation, patient consent and both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, with the aim to increase student and preceptor skill development, as well as answering an important research question. This program will be supported through a site led, educational visiting program supporting preceptor engagement in the mixed methods research.

Sally Marotti

Sally Marotti is the Lead Pharmacist for Experiential Learning, Training and Research for SA Pharmacy where she provides guidance and leadership to develop research capacity and capability in the pharmacy workforce. Her research interests include perioperative medicine, pharmacy practice, coagulation and workplace education. Sally completed her undergraduate pharmacy degree at the University of South Australia, Masters at The University of Queensland, is a fellow of the Society of Hospital Pharmacists and a credentialed Advanced Practice Pharmacist.

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