Simon Lee, Queen Victoria Home


QVH has recently implemented Vocera, a pendant ( badge ) style hands free communication tool for all staff, replacing pagers and DECT phones.

Vocera allows call bells to go to specific groups, escalation of un-answered call bells, one to one conversations between staff, group calls to a specific section of staff, and broadcast messages to selected staff, as well as many other options.

The presentation will be of interest as QVH are the only Tasmanian facility, at this point in time, to have Vocera, and we have found it to be of great benefit, and to have the following attributes;

  • Dramatic improvement in productivity ( staff no longer walking the building looking for each other, or for equipment )
  • Quicker response times to call bells
  • Vocera verbalises priority messages such as “Staff Assist” “Wanderer Alert” and “Fire” ensuring they are not lost in a plethora of pager tones
  • Allows coverage wherever we have wireless coverage allowing use in the attached Retirement Village
  • User friendly platform and incredible voice recognition
  • “Broadcast” facility very beneficial for all staff
  • Very robust pendant type tool – hands free
  • Excellent training and implementation support

Behind the scenes the Administrator actions are easily managed and a number of reports are available, including staff voice recognition performance, badge asset management, and actual useage of badges.

The introduction of Vocera has meant our staff no longer carry pagers and or DECT phones, and all staff have two way communication with their colleagues, their supervisors, and their managers, as well as having to call a group of staff, for example a Domestic Supervisor may want to speak to all Cleaning Staff at once, and are able to broadcast to any group of staff, or all staff at once, for example a Lifestyle and Leisure staff member may want to let everyone know that there is a Birthday Celebration in the Main Lounge.

Vocera has been on our radar for a number of years and the benefits and outcomes of finally introducing this new technology has exceeded our expectations.

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