Walk Cataract Gorge

Explore Cataract Gorge and First Basin with a local guide.

One of the special things to do in Launceston.

Don’t wonder. Wander. Truly get to know this place with a guided walk into and around Launceston’s breathtaking Cataract Gorge. It’s an experience like no other.

  • See the amazing panoramas and Australian flora
  • Hear the South Esk flowing over the Cataract
  • Taste the flora of the Gorge
  • Meet the feathered and furry wildlife
  • Smell the unique scent of the Aussie bush
  • Touch the ancient rock and the cool fresh water

Experience Tasmania in the truest sense of the word and take away a memory that will last you a lifetime. Immerse yourself and connect to Launceston’s No.1 visitor destination.


Walk Cataract Gorge offers two tours:

The one-hour, one-way walk from Kings Bridge to Frist Basin, The Jewel of Launceston, which combines the best that Cataract Gorge has to offer, 09:30am daily, $22 per person;

And the 45-minute tour, loop around First Basin including the Gardens, Launceston’s Natural Heart, giving you natures essentials for your Cataract Gorge visit, 11am and 12noon daily, $18 per person.

Book your tour online.

Website: https://www.walkcataractgorge.com.au/

Tours: https://www.walkcataractgorge.com.au/tours-snapshot/

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